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2017 Venkatadri Sri Ramachandra Murthy Procession Over Lord Hanumantha Vahanam

28 September 2017 Tirumala Brahmotsavams:
Lord Malayappa The processional divinity of Swamy in the disguise of Venkatadri Sri Ramachandra Murthy was taken in procession over Lord Hanumantha Vahanam in Tirumala on the morning of the sixth day as part of nine days of brahmotsavams.

Hanumantha Vahanam Meaning:
Lord Hanuman is known by the total Saranagathi or total resentment before his Lord Lord Sri Rama performs duties as a disciplined soldier without handing over orders. Hanuman is considered the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

2017 Tirumala Brahmotsavam Lord Hanumantha Vahanam

Noting the power of Lord Hanuman, who grew when he led Lord Malayappa Swamy, and slipped four street lanes, Annamacharya wrote the famous sankeertan, Mangambudhi Hanumantha … .nee sharana “, which divine magic in the hearts of devotees.

Another interesting feature is that if all other porters are noble servants of the Lord, only Hanuman has the merit of being worshiped as Lord. So Mr. Malayappa takes the turn of Mr. Hanuman. In this way the devotees obtain the double dhamaka darshan of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Malayappa as Venkatadri Sri Rama and Lord Hanuman. After Garuda, Lord Malayappa walks on Hanumantha Vahanam to show devotees the true meaning of “Sampurna Sharanagathi”.

TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, JEOs Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju, Sri Pola Bhaskar, CVSO Sri Ake Ravikrishna, DyEO Temple Sri Rama Rao and others participated.

Annamayya Keerthana Mangambudhi Hanumantha in Telugu:

Annamayya Keerthana Mangambudhi Hanumantha Meaning:
Oh Hanumanta of Mangambudhi, we earnestly seek your shelter.

Oh Hanumanta, your deeds are pleasant. You dared to hold the rising Sun thinking it to be a fruit.You are specially blessed with a series of boons by Brahma and other gods.

You have shown your eminence to other monkeys the skill of crossing the ocean. O great Hanumanta, you amazed everyone, showing your limitless might.

You destroyed Myravana the resident of patala loka (nether world). O most benevolent Hanumanta, You worship Sri Venkatapati with folded hands

Annamayya Keerthana – Mangambudhi Hanumantha Lyrics in Telugu:
మంగాంబుధి హనుమంతా నీ శరణ |
మంగవించితిమి హనుమంతా ||

బాలార్క బింబము ఫలమని ప ట్టిన
ఆలరి చేతల హనుమంతా |
తూలని బ్రహ్మాదులచే వరములు
ఓలి చేకొనినా హనుమంతా ||

జలధి దాట నీ సత్వము కపులకు
అలరి తెలిపితివి హనుమంతా |
ఇలయు నాకసము నేకముగా, నటు
బలిమి పెరిగితివి భళి హనుమంతా ||

పాతాళము లోపలి మైరావణు
ఆతల జంపిన హనుమంతా |
చేతులు మోడ్చుక శ్రీ వేంకటపతి
నీ తల గోలిచే హిత హనుమంతా ||

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