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About Ramanarayanam Spiritual Theme Park, Timings

Ramanarayanam spiritual theme park Timings:10.00 AM to 9.00 PM

RAMANARAYANAM is an amazing spiritual theme park located at Korukonda Road, in the remote corner of the Vizianagaram, at about 50 KM from Vizag Airport and 15 KM from upcoming Greenfield Airport in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a beautiful gateway to those who seek consolation in spiritual experience. The very exclusive design and elevation of the PRANGANAM will give a mesmerizing experience to the pilgrims and rejuvenate their soul.

Such great wonders like the RAMANARAYANAM are created as a result of noble thoughts, which become great intentions, and subsequently a driving passion. This wonderful spiritual theme park is unique and of very high standard, which attracts tourists not only from India but from different corners of the globe.

A unique Spiritual Theme Park:
This theme park, spread over 15 acres plot with lush green lawns, took over a decade for its concept to commissioning with the hard work and efforts of hundreds of artists and artisans from across the country. And finally it has become a reality in the historical city of Vizianagaram, the City of Music.

This spiritual theme park is unique in many ways. The design of the PRANGANAM is done based on our ancient architecture, preserving the Hindu Mythology. It is a fact that green colour provides great relief to the tiring eyes, and the remarkable spread of flora and fauna at this theme park provides great comfort to every visitor.

Ramanarayanam Spiritual Theme Park

The holiest epic –“AADI KAVYA”:
Ramayan, the holiest epic is undoubtedly the most popular epic read and valued by every Hindu. Lord Srirama, who in his entire life had stood for human values and principles, had never deviated from dharma and hence is regarded as the epitome for all Hindus across the world.
Here are the famous words of Swami Vivekananda: “No language can be purer, none chastier, none more beautiful, and at the same time simpler than the language by which the great poet Valmiki illustrated the life of Rama”.

It is the first theme park in the country, which is built based on Valimiki Ramayana, and also without taking any donations.

The two-storey complex has the unique shape of a bow and arrow. There are a variety of trees in the landscape, which include rare and sacred trees of Nakshatra vanam, Narayana vanam, Raasi vanam, Navagraha vanam, Vinayaka vanam, Saptarishi vanam, Panchavati vanam, Pancha bhoota vanam. These trees have mention in Indian scriptures and some of them were specifically brought in from across the country.

The park remains open for visitors from 10 AM onwards, but evening is the best time to visit. At that time the colorful illumination of the entire area will give us the feeling that we have landed in heaven. There are beautiful mega fountains along the length of the bow and the cool evening breeze will rejuvenate you with its gentle touch. There is a huge Mandapam called Sri seetharamula adhyatmika kala thoranam (A/C) where Sri seetharamula kalyanam is performed every month on the eve of punarvasu nakshatra (Lord Rama’s Birth star). Besides, special poojas and programs significant to Indian performing arts are performed regularly. Also performed are the recitals like Bharata Natyam or Kuchipudi dance forms and several spiritual discourses.

People of all age groups can enjoy here. Lifts and battery operated cars are provided at the entrance for the old and disabled people. There are spacious outdoors for children to engage themselves. The Perla’s boutique restaurant serves a completely vegetarian food.

A great epic:
Visitors can enter the two-storied bow and arrow structure from one end of the arrow, to reach inside a centrally air conditioned complex, which has a series of sculptures from Ramayana. There are 72 laminated sculptures created by thousands of talented artisans from different parts of the country. They represent the 72 episodes from the Valimiki Ramayan beginning from the Bala Kanda to Yuddha Kanda. Below each of the 72 laminated panels, a bilingual (English and Telugu) narration to the event above is engraved on brass plates. Audio support will also be provided in near future, so that every visitor can have his own personalized experience. At one exit from the gallery, at the tip of the arrow, there is a huge statue of Sri Abhayanjaneya of 60 feet tall.

A Spiritual Destination:
There is a traditional Vishnu temple within the complex. However, it is a fact that RAMANARAYANAM is more spiritual than religious, as it can be seen that from the very beginning itself, hundreds of artists and artisans belonging to different religions and a number of cities have been integral parts of the project. The PRANAGANAM houses a huge library with over one lakh spiritual books. Visitors can spend their time there, browsing through the books of their choice and also attend several cultural events. Other attractions of PRANAGANAM include a meditation centre, three temples of Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama with his consort Goddess Sita, and 18 feet tall statues of Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati. Also one can see seven special fountains in the shape of 7 asthras or weapons of Lord Rama which are dotted across the arrow.

Veda Paatashaala:
Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam (TTD) runs a residential Veda Paatashaala which teaches lessons on the four Vedas along with regular curriculum. They offer full-time 8 year and 14-year course on the Vedas and Upanishads for which about 70 children have already enrolled.

The concept of this great spiritual theme park was developed in the brain of Late Sri Narayanam Narasimha Murthy, Founder and Chairman of NCS Group, about two generations ago. Rather than serving as a traditional temple for people to offer prayers, the key idea was to promote it as a spiritual centre. Seeing the scenes from Ramayana, people can adopt the essence of human values. It was really a challenge to choose only a few scenes from the vast epic. Sri Narayanam Nageswara Rao and other family members discussed with scholars across the nation and finalised 72 important episodes from the epic which was then transformed into pictorial sculptures. Deep thinking and great efforts were involved by the talented artisans to carve the pictorial sculptures which are capable of leaving an ever lasting impression in the mind of every visitor.

Though the theme park has started functioning only one year ago, thousands of people visit here every day and it has exceeded 25 lakhs till date. It has ambitious future plans including expansion of current facilities, musical fountains and entertainment options similar to the Sentosa in Singapore and the Miracle gardens in Dubai. It is also proposed to set up a gaushala as a sanctuary for cows, calves and oxen. With the recent expansion plans of the state government, no doubt RAMANARAYANAM is ordained to occupy a niche position sooner than later. With thousands of tourists visiting PRANGANAM every day, it has become a unique centre of admiration for tourists.

Sri Sita Rama Marriage Hall Ramanarayanam:
Sri Sita Rama Marriage Hall Ramanarayanam

Sri Rama Temple Ramanarayanam:
Sri Rama Temple Ramanarayanam

Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Ramanarayanam:
Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Ramanarayanam

Saraswathi Nilayam Ramanarayanam:
Saraswathi Nilayam Ramanarayanam

Meditation Center Ramanarayanam:
Meditation Center Ramanarayanam

Veda Pathsala Ramanarayanam:
Veda Pathsala Ramanarayanam

Sri Vishnu Temple Ramanarayanam:
Sri Vishnu Temple Ramanarayanam

Sri Karyam,
Korukonda Road,
Vizianagaram – 535004.
Tel: 9494552222 / 9494553333 / 9346367788 / 9347017145

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