About Narrawada Sri Vengamamba Perantalu Temple, Timings, Address

Sri Vengamamba Perantallu is a famous temple in Narrawada, which has a history of more than 300 years. Devotees have a strong belief in Sri Vengamamba and Sri Guravayya. Narrawada Tirunalla is a very famous festival conducted in the month of June-July. It is estimated that more than five lakhs of pilgrims visit here every year.

Narrawada Village is at a distance of 5 km from the mandal head quarter Duttalur, 18 km from Udayagiri, 25 km from Vinjamoor, and 28km from Pamuru. The word “Narra” means Bull and “Wada” means Residence. During the reign of King Srikrishna Devaraya, the cow and bull market of this village was very famous and hence got the name Narrawada. World famous Ongole race bulls are available in this village. Pulling stone with bulls is a very attractive event during the Turnalla festival.

At the entrance of the temple there is a huge and beautiful arch with amazing artwork. People have great faith on the goddess and it is believed that she fulfills their wishes. Newly married couples pray for kids. Devotees circumambulate the temple with wet clothes and prayers with a firm belief that their desires will be fulfilled before their next visit.

Sri Vengamamba Temple

Narrawada Sri Vengamamba Temple:

Monday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan
Tuesday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Wednesday* 06:00 PM   –    07:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Thursday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Friday 08:00 AM   –    10:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Saturday 09:00 AM   –    11:00 AM  Darshan
05:00 PM   –    08:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
Sunday 09:00 AM   –    03:00 PM  Darshan
11:00 AM   –    01:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
06:00 PM   –    07:00 PM  Darshan/Aarti
[/su_table] Vengamamba Temple Address:
Sri Vengamamba Perantalu Temple,
Narrawada Village Road,
Coastal Andhra Region,
Andhra Pradesh – 524222.

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