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Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple Timings, History, Sevas

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple is located at Anegudde village, Kumbashi, Kundapura Taluk, Udupi District, Karnataka and Lord Ganesh is the main diety. Anegudde is also known as Kumbashi. The name Kumbhashi is said to be derived from the demon Kumbhasura. According to the story, when drought hit this region, sage Agasthya did penance to appease Varuna, the rain god.

During penance, the demon Kumbhasura began to disturb the sages. Bheemasena receives a weapon from Lord Ganesha to kill Kumbahasura and assassinate him here. Anegudde is awarded one of the seven ‘Mukti Sthalas’ also known as Parashurama kshetra of Karnataka. Anegudde is the combination of two words: ‘Aane’ which means ‘elephant’ and ‘Gudde’ which means hill.

Aane Gudde Vinayaka, 12 feet tall, is “UDBHAVA MURUTHI” (Natural Stone), a unique elephant-shaped stone. The Tilak on the forehead is made from Sri Gandha (Sandle paste) and the God has Swarna Mukha made from 5 kg gold and the body is covered with silver. The statue of Lord Ganapathi is also believed to grow larger every year.

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple Timings: 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Anegudde Ganesh Temple Daily Rituals:

Morning 5:30 AM
Panchamurtha Abhisheka
Nirmalya Pooja
Prasada Nevidya
Maha Mangalarathi

After Noon 12:30 PM
Mrustanna Nevidya
Hoovina Alankara
Maha Pooja

Evening 8:00 PM
Sayakale Trikala Pooje
Maha Mangalarathi

Other Poojas as per the Seva List are performed at regular intervals throughout the day and night from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple History:

Vishweshwara Upadhyaya is an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesh who lived here. One day a Brahmin Vatu (child) appeared in his dream and said he was hungry. Taking Upadhyaya with him, the Vatu disappeared near a stone in Nagachala. Surprised by this unusual dream, he left the next morning in search of the place where the Brahmin boy had disappeared in his dream. This was his usual path, which led to a pond, where he bathed, brought holy water for Abhishekam and collected flowers to worship Lord Ganesha.

He soon found the same granite stone, which he witnessed in his dream and was covered with wildflowers giving it a divine appearance. Impressed by this sight, Upadhyaya hurriedly bathed in the nearby pond and worshiped the deity and offered her flowers and fruits. He continued to do so for a long time. One day, he saw a cow standing there pouring milk from her udder onto the deity. After this incident, his devotion stagnated and he worshiped God with more devotion. People generously donated land on which a straw hut was built so that Upadhyaya could continue worshiping him.

Anegudde Vinayaka Temple Sevas:

  • Karpoora Aarathi
  • Panchakajjaya Prasada
  • Astoththara Shathanamarchana
  • Ksheerabisheka
  • Harivana Nayivedhya Panchamrutha
  • 1 Coconut Ganahoma
  • Maha Pooja
  • Sathya Ganapathi Vratha
  • Sanna Rangapooja Skaare
  • Sanna Rangapooja Kadale Bella
  • Madhyama Rangapooja
  • Maha Rangapooja
  • Sahasra Namarchana
  • Upanishath Abhisheka (21 times)
  • Trikala Pooja
  • Hoovina Pooja (Excluding cost of flower)
  • Alankara Pooja
  • Pushpaka Rathosthava
  • Rajatha Rathostava
  • Satyanarayana Vratha
  • Monthly 1 Ganahoma for 1 year (with postal)
  • Vahana Pooja
  • 125 Coconut Moodu Ganapathi
  • 1000 Coconut Moodu Ganapathi
  • Mudi Akki Kadubu
  • Thulabara
  • 48 Coconut Ganahoma
  • 108 Coconut Ganahoma
  • 1008 Coconut Ganahoma
  • Atharvasirsha Ganapathi Upanishath Homa Kanike
  • Sankasta Chathurthi Vratha Udyapana Kanike
  • Stayanarayana Vratha Udyapana Kanike

Anegudde Ganesh Temple Address:

National Highway: 17
Kundapura Taluk
Udupi District,
Karnataka – 576257.
Phone: 08254272221, 9480272221

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