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Best Day to Perform Srikalahasti Temple, Benefits, Procedure

Performing Rahu Ketu Pooja in Kalahasti can help neutralize negative effects in life like marriage, career, financial issues, and childlessness. The Rahu Ketu Pooja is incredibly strong, especially when done in Sri Kalahasti, where it can bring very positive results to people’s lives. This temple follows the Saivite tradition. Here are the latest details about the best days to perform the Srikalahasti Rahu Ketu Pooja.

Best Days to Perform Rahu Ketu Pooja in Sri Kalahasti:

Rahu – Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja can be performed daily between 6:30 AM and 9:00 PM. Devotees can perform this pooja at any time; performing pooja during Rahu kalam is considered auspicious. Sunday and Tuesday are the best days to visit Srikalahasti Temple to perform pooja, as Sunday and Tuesday are considered for Rahu and Kethu, but it’s usually very crowded on Mondays.

Other Best Days to Perform: The Other best days to do this Pooja are Chaturthi, Panchami, Shasti, Purnima, and days when the Ashlesha Nakshatra is there. They also do this Pooja during solar and lunar eclipses.

The Gopuja starts at 6:00 AM, and you can be out of the temple completing the darshan in 20 minutes without any big and long queue.

Items required to Perform Rahu Ketu Puja:

Two snake-shaped silver stripes representing Rahu and Ketu, two pieces of cloth of red and black color, Coconut, flowers, betel nuts, Black Gram, Horse Gram, Turmeric powder(Haldi), Vermillion, areca nuts, Lemon, Black Ellu, White Urud Daal, Anga Vastram etc. The Temple Devastanam will provide all Puja Materials after buying the ticket.

Rahu Ketu Pooja Sri Kalahasti Temple

Rahu Ketu Pooja Benefits:

  • Rahu Ketu Pooja helps in gaining spiritual bliss.
  • Rahu Ketu Pooja maintains good health.
  • Rahu puja can help to overcome hard times.
  • Rahu Ketu Pooja improves financial condition and stability.
  • Removes the obstacles and helps one succeed.
  • Improves personal and professional life.
  • It is also suggested for those suffering from chronic health issues.
  • This puja is particularly helpful for those facing legal troubles.

How to Procedure Rahu Ketu Pooja in Srikalahasti Temple:

  • The Rahu Ketu pooja is performed in batches at different mandapams. The entire process takes around 30 minutes.
  • The Temple priest will guide you during the Rahu Ketu pooja by giving directions on a mike so that everyone can hear. The directions are given in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and English.
  • In case you need to complete any step during the process of performing Rahu Ketu pooja, immediately ask the support staff that will be standing near you to help.
  • When Rahu Ketu pooja is completed, carry the silver idols with you and place them in the Hundi inside the temple.
  • Take a bath after reaching home. No need to discard clothes.

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