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Detailed explanation of pooja. why should we do like this. methods of doing pooja

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Why do we do Aarti?

Towards the end of each ritual service (pooja or bhajan) of the Lord or to welcome an honored guest or saint, we perform the aarti. This is always accompanied...

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Why do we Chant Om?

Om is one of the most chanted sound symbols in India. It has a profound effect on the body and mind of the singer and also on the environment. Most mantras and...

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Why Hindus Worship Tulasi?

In Sanskrit, tulanaa naasti athaiva tulasi, which is incomparable (in its qualities) is the tulasi. For the Indians, it is one of the most sacred plants. In...

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Why do we Blow the Conch?

When the conch is blown, the primal sound of Om emanates. Om is a good auspicious sound that was sung by the Lord before creating the world. It represents the...