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About Gita Jayanthi Celebrations | Gita Mahotsav | Gita Jayanti


Yes! It is the birthday of Bhagavad Gita.
It is not just a book, but a guide of life for humanity and considered as their Divine Mother by many Hindus!

When it is Celebrated?

Gita Jayanti is observed every year on the Shukla Ekadashi (11th day of the waxing moon) of the Margashirsha month in the Hindu lunar calendar.

It was the day that the knowledge of The Gita was given to Arjuna by Sri Krishna.

Gita Jayanthi Celebrations:

Devotees fast and en-masse recitation of all 700 verses of the Gita throughout the day.

Insightful discourses by spiritual gurus and chanting competitions are held for kids to memorize and chant some verses from the Gita.


Recently the International Gita Mahotsav is held every year in Kurukshetra, where the Gita actually took place.

The celebration involves the lighting of 100s of thousands of Diyas, participation in chanting by over 50,000 school children.

About Gita Jayanthi Celebrations | Gita Mahotsav | Gita Jayanti

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