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Detailed explanation of pooja. why should we do like this. methods of doing pooja

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Brahmotsavam Meaning

Brahmotsavam meaning  “Brahma’s Utsavam. Brahmotsavam is an annual festival at Tirumala for Sri Balaji. Here this celebration will be celebrated for nine days...

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Meditation in your life

Now a days Meditation can help us develop a constant balanced state, a deep sense of connection with our inner selves and a lasting direction and meaning to...

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Lord Ganesh Symbolism

Big Head :- Think Big Small Eyes :- Concentrate Rope :- To pull you nearer to the highest goal. One Tusk :- Retain good throw away bad Trunk :- High Efficiency...

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Camphor Uses & Benifits

We use camphor as a holy ingredient during hawans and pujas. It is also used to bring an aromatic flavour in desserts. Did you know that camphor has many...

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Purpose of Burning Agarbatti

Burning Agarbatthi (incense) during daily poojas, social and religious occasions since time immemorial, is a Tradition followed by almost all of the Indians...