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Char Kaman Arround Charimar, Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

The name charkaman is known for the four lofty arches of Charimar, which were constructed in 1592. After the completion of charminar establishment of about 75m feet the four lofty arches got the name charkaman.
They are: Charkaman, Machlikaman, Kalikaman, sher-e-Bati-ki-kaman.

Upon completion of Charminar, to the north about 250 meters, was built with perfectly symmetrical scale built in 1592, the square four high arches Char Kaman. These arches are separated from the center by 375 feet and the interspace between two arches overlooking 750 meters. Each is 60 meters high, 36 meters wide at the base and six meters thick. They are so impressive that a giant elephant could caparisoned a canopy carrying easily through them. The effort could be gone in his building was very impressive. The Char Kaman Charminar and were part of a “Conscious Urban Design Qutb Shahi. Can not be separated.”

The four structures are called part of the Kaman Chahmiran char. The four are Chahmiran Kaman Kaman, Kaman Maheli, Kali Kaman and Sher-e-Batil-Ki-Kaman. Kaman each had a different name and at least two of them had stories to tell.

The arc is the first north after the Madina Café known Machi Kaman or the crossing “bow with a fish.”

South, the Charminar Charminar overlooks Kaman.

The west arc was the largest, most important and an interesting legend near “Kaman-e-Sehar-Batil” (magic arc switch) now with Kaman Sher-e-Batil and Mitti Ka Sher.

The Eastern Arc is Kali Kaman, where real musicians and played drums shehanai, five times a day, and the arrival of important visitors on special occasions announced.char-kaman-hyderabad

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