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Dharwad Dattatreya Swamy Temple Timings

Dharwad Dattatreya Swamy Temple or Dattana Gidu is a famous temple located in Hosayellapur, Dharwad district, Karnataka State. This Lord Dattatreya Swamy temple is 13 km from Dharwad. The temple is dedicated to Dattatreya Swamy, who is said to be an incarnation of the Hindu Trinity. The Hindu trinity is Lord Brahma, Sri Vishnu and Lord Shiva. In this temple, the deity displays three heads representing three gods.

This temple belongs to the 12th century. It features the Chalukyan architectural style, making it one of the best structural temples in Karnataka state. The temple complex also has a centenary Shankaracharya Samskrita Pathashala. Lord Dattatreya is believed to be 1st teacher of Adinath Sampradaya of the Nathas. Dattatreya Swami is accredited as the writer of Tripura Rahasya, a piece of writing on Advaita Vedanta. Lord Dattatreya is believed to have acquired fruition on the embankment of the Bhima River.

Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of removal of forefathers’ sin, liberation from ancestral sins, freedom from parental curses, Salvation, Wealth and relief from diseases.

There is no strict dress code any decent dress is allowed for darshan. It is one of the most important pilgrimage center in and around Hubli -Dharwad and the temple can be visited any time throughout the year.

Dharwad Dattatreya Swamy Temple

Dharwad Dattatreya Temple Timings: 6.00 am to 9.00 pm

Dharwad Sri Dattatreya Swamy Temple Address:

Karnataka 580001.

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