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Ghanpur Group of Temples Timings Warangal Telangana

Ghanpur Group of Temples Timings:

Open on all days – Daily 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Ghanpur group of temples are located in Ghanpur Mandal in Warangal at a distance of about 39 kms.

This group of temples are picturesque piece of architecture belonging to the kakatiyan era. In local region the people used to call the group of temples as Kota Gullu. These temples have been built during the period of king Ganapatideva, who belongs to the kakatiya dynasty. Along with the Ghanpur temple there is a similar temple known as Ramappa Temple which is constructed by the king in the kakatiya dynasty. Almost the temples are around 20-22 temples, which has different architecture and the temple shapes and sizes are varying from each temple. These are the biggest temples and dedicated to the Lord Shiva. We can see carvings, balconies and porches, in and out architecture designing of kakatiyas craft men. We can easily identify these temples because these are the well known temples.

There is a main temple which is circled by 19 smaller temples each with a Garbagriha and an Antarala. There is an amazing wall with rock cut architecture, ceilings and gateways of these temples. We can see a beautiful designing with solid granite rocks. On the main temple doors we can see the stories are engraved from Shiva puranam. Every design and outlook of the temples makes our eyes to get attracted with their creativity.

In the recent excavation they found the sculptures of Shiva holding snake in one hand and a damru in the other hand. There is another one of Lord Vishnu holding the chakra in one hand and the Gada in the other. These sculptures are not only significance the religion, but also show the expert craftsmanship of the medieval sculptor.

There is a double stone walled complex in the group of temples enclosed. We can see a number of mandapams or central porches which exhibits an excellent architecture of the temples. The sabhamandapa porches deserve special in the context and in the main temple there is a salabhanjikas positioned in the northern portico of the complex. There is a sculpture of mystical characters like Gaja Kesari that appears on a bracket in the main temple complex is truly a marvel in stone.

Without visiting this temple your trip to Warangal remains incomplete. The temples not only represent the religious significance but also represent the beauty of style and grace. When we come back we have a lot of memories of this place.


We can see a beautiful designing work on the stones, which ever seen previously. There is a beautiful grace and style. We can also see the religious aspects and beauty of the temples. These temples declare the supremacy over everything that has claim to the beauty in the world. The solid rocks figures and motifs an amazing softness in them which is rarely seen anywhere else.


How to Reach Ghanpur Group of Temples:

There is a train and bus facility to reach the temples. Ghanpur is 39 kms far from Warangal.
Bus facility from Hyderabad to Hanamakonda which go via Ghanpur.
From Hanamakonda the Ghanpur is 31 kms distance and there is a plenty buses from Hanamkkonda bus stop.
From Hyderabad it is 23 kms far from Ghanpur. The kazipeta railway station is one of the major junctions which are well connected with Hyderabad.
Share auto facility available from kazipeta to Ghanpur.
Hyderabad Airport is the nearest airport.

Where to stay:

There are some good hotels in jangoan which is 29kms from Ghanpur and can also stay at Hanamkonda city which is 29kmss from Ghanpur.
Some of good hotels in Warangal are:
Ashoka Hotel – Ph: 0870-2577955, 2578491
City Grand – Ph: 0870-2454587
Landmark HOtel – Ph 0870-254633
Suprabha Hotel – Ph: 0870-2573888, 2574888
Ratna Hotel – Ph: 0870-2500645

Ghanpur Temples Distance:

115 kms from MGBS Hyderabad
39 Kms from Warangal city
29 Kms from Jangoan Bus Stop

Ghanpur Temple Address:

Telangana – 506345.

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