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Warangal Ramappa Temple Timings, History | Ramalingeswara Temple

Ramappa Temple or Ramalingeswara Temple is located in the Palampet village in Mulug Taluk, Warangal, Ramappa Temple is around 65.5 km away from Warangal and 208 km from Hyderabad. This temple is known for its historical richness and architectural excellence. The scenic beauty of the areas around the temple also makes it worth visiting.

Warangal Ramappa Temple Timings:

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all Days of the Weekdays, Weekends and Public Holidays.

Warangal Ramappa Temple History:

The Ramappa temple dates from 1213 AD and was built by Commander in Chief Rudra Samani under the authority of the Kakatiya ruler Kakati Ganapathi Deva. The temple takes its name from the sculptor Ramappa who built the Shiva statue here and emphasized the importance of the worship of the deity, thus replacing the preceding deity Ramalingeshwara. The construction of the temple was completed in 1253, forty years after it began. The time spent laying the foundation was indeed a worthy investment, as the temple managed to remain intact even after repeated looting, wars, and natural disasters. The only damage suffered by the Ramappa temple can be attributed to an earthquake that struck the region in the 17th century, in addition to which the building is still solid today.

Warangal Ramappa Temple Architecture:

Ramappa Temple is reached through a lush green path dotted with trees, which was once a royal garden. This temple although constructed with bricks that can float in water, is still standing strong. It is built on a 6 feet high platform. It is consisted of a garbhagriha, an antarala, and maha mandapam. The main entrance gate, which is built on the outer wall of the temple, is now in ruins. Hence, you will have to enter through the small gate. The main temple is surrounded by walls.

The walls of the temple showcase intricate carvings. Even pillars and ceilings have been engraved beautifully. The sanctum, surrounded by pradakshina path is dotted with a shikhara. In front of the temple is consisted of many pillars with exquisite carvings. As you enter the temple, you will see a Nandi mandapam with Nandi, facing the Lord Shiva shrine. Although the mandapa is no in good condition, the majestic statue of Nandi, divine vehicle of Lord Shiva, is undamaged and presents an impressive sight.

Ramappa Temple

Warangal Ramappa Temple Address:

Palampet Village,
Venkatapur Mandal,
Telangana – 506345.

Warangal Ramappa Temple Timings, History | Ramalingeswara Temple

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