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Hanamkonda Siddeshwara Temple Warangal Telangana

Hanamkonda Siddeshwara Temple Timings: Daily 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
The siddheswara temple is located in Hanamkonda with the distance of 4kms from Warangal city and we can reach the temple by road. The Warangal and kazipet are the railway stations in the area. There are more train facilities from various locations. The siddeshwara temple Hanamkonda is 3kms far from the famous kakatiya’s thousand pillar temple. All trains are used to stop here.

The Hanamkonda, it is one of the tri-cities of Warangal houses. It is one of the fascinating temples dedicated to Lord Shiva like the siddheshwara temple. The siddheshwara temple is also known to be a paschimdwara Mukha temple. This temple is famous for its architecture displayed on its walls and pillars. The siddheshwara temple is a unique temple which lies in the fact that it is one of the few paschimdwara Mukha temples existing in the country.

The siddheswara temple was built in the 3rd century AD. The temple architecture resembles the chalukyas style. It looks more attractive on the event of Maha Shivarati. This is one of the most popular event, on this event we can see a lot of rush with the devotees who pray’s to lord Shiva.


This Maha shivaratri festival is celebrated on every year 14th night of the new moon in the month of Phalgun. During this festival time the temple is decorated with flowers and lights. The area around the temple lights up with the joy of celebrations.

This siddheswara temple has a majestic appearance and it is a tall temple. This temple is very beautiful with intricate carving on the pillars. The uniqueness lies on the temple walls with the intricate designs. The Siddeshwara temple is one of the most beautiful and attractive temple of the Warangal temples. This temple is open to the devotees throughout the year.

This temple is not located in the remote area. There are number of shopping areas like yellamma Bazaar and clothing Bazaar, Green Square plaza and the Nirmala Mall. The visitors can buy everything at the shopping malls. These shopping malls are very close to the temple and works till the temple gates closes.
The siddheswara temple established the presence in the history. The itineraries of travelling according to the Indian context are usually explained on the basis of religion. This temple not only shows the religious nature and also presence the great study of the temple and the architectural style. The intricate carving is truly a marvel in itself and deserves to appreciate. This siddheswara temple is one of the oldest temples of telangana and Warangal and now it becomes an important tourist place of Warangal. This is one of the religious sites.

siddeshwara-temple-hanamkondaDistance to siddeshwara Temple Hanamkonda
From Hyderabad it is 150kms to reach the temple.
And from karimnagar there is a bus station. It is 79kms to reach the temple.

How to Reach:
There are many bus available from MGBS bus stop to Hanamkonda for every 15mins.
There is many bus available and train facilities which connects the Warangal city.
Kazipet railway station is 7kms far from Hanamkonda, which connects with Hyderabad.
There is a plenty of running autos between kazipeta and Hanamkonda at a reasonable price.
The Hyderabad airport is the nearest airport.

Hanamkonda Siddeshwara Temple Warangal Telangana

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