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Tirumala Mada Street Around Srivari Temple

Tirumala 10/10/16:
The mada streets around the temple of Sri Varu have become increasingly famous in the terms of both devotion and culture and they became spiritual address’s new address. These are compared with the holy walls of Bethlehem in Israel.

Once up on a time the same place used to be very congested and now the same is converted into an open air theater which has the vast and wide mada streets and they are being used o project all the events that are being carried in Tirumala. There used to be very few devote on the mada streets earlier, now they have a space of about two lakh devotees. With all the activities that are being carried in both Tirumala and Tirupati these streets are busy with the festivals and hence they are completely decorated with colorful paintings and lightning and flowers and leaves all the time. The LCD screens that are arranged on these streets are showing all the devotees about the sangeets, bhajanas and other cultural activities that are being held in all manadapas and halls. These are officially broad casted by the SVBC channel of Tirumala.

The Executive Officer of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam said that the mada streets are turned into the front face of the TTD.

2016-rathotsavamThe glittery procession of the utsava deities, Lord Malayappa Swamy along with his two consorts Sri Devi and Bhoo Dev on the festivals and in Brahmotsavams and also on the full moon days (pournami) and also on the auspicious events like Vaikunta Ekadasi, Ratha Sapthami etc., on the Mada streets may be a feast to all the pious minded. Over years the management of TTD has remodeled the entire thronged and engorged slum like space behind the temple into a state of art’ devotion square with all their efforts and different architectural plans’. Different special steel arches and announcements for public addressing systems, arc spot lights, CC cameras, snug cemented step seats, bathrooms and drink shops are arranged on these mada streets. The TTD has arranged more than 3 layers of barricades that are made of grid iron all along the ‘mada’ streets of the peripheral hill shrine. The choice behind the move is to strengthen the safety to hill temple seeable of the threat perception.

‘The devotees that have attended for the darshan of Srivari Temple may cool down for processions and revel in the cultural activities like bhajans, vishesa vesha dharanas, folk arts and nama sankeertans that are being showcased by the TTD. We have a tendency to conjointly provide food, tea and snacks to all the devotees at all the galleries’ say the JEO Sri K S Sreenivasa Raju.
The mada streets are stretching to 2.5 kms on the all the four sides of the Srivari temple at Tirumala has become the beehive of all the activities throughout the nine day fete of Brahmotsavam. Pious devotees decision it ‘Thiru Mada Veedhi”. They even kiss the bottom and wear its dirt on their fore head in reverence.

What was a sore sight behind the sacred Srivari temple from decades comprising of tatterdemalion buildings, unkempt streets, hazardously hanging electrification and poor sanitation spots has currently become a significant attraction of devotees from all over the country. “The Lord Venkateswara has been walking on these methods since many centuries” they assert.
During the Brahmnotsavam-2016, mada streets became the nerve center of cultural activities with over 750 artists that are playing each mornings and evenings.

With the sacred Srivari Temple within the background the holy streets stretching into a square collapsible shelter is gifting a Gallic view of the traditional sports stadium. Throughout the lean days the middle of the noonday and in the late evenings devotees sit on these galleries once the Lord Venkateswara in varied avatars gave darshan to them riding completely on different vahanams. Within the mythological days his celestial cortege comprised of the military of Viswak Senadhipati and the deities, in fashionable days bhajan singers, folks artists and costume wealthy artists fashioned his cortege.

“Just a glimpse of Srivaru is enough for me’ cries Ramanamma, who is a sixty year follower from Salem that has waited for nearly twelve hours within the queue line once walking up the arduous nine kilometers to Tirumala from Tirupati. She is returning to Tirumala for last thirty years and finds the atmosphere is never higher or an equivalent.’ however we tend to forget everything after we get to the darshan of Lord on his vahanas at the mada streets in made splendor of different flowers and diamonds. We always tend to feel the lord has started off for our sake’ she says.

Various mathas of swamijis, Sri Varahaswamy Temple, Temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy, Prasanna anjaneya Pushkarani aannd the Laddu sale counters, an inexperienced garden with Srivari emblems of Shanku, Chakra and the Namam and also colorful illuminations adorn the open area at the Mada street.

The bright lit and the spot less clean streets are all out of bounds for all vehicle traffic. ‘We have additionally prohibited sporting foot in all the Mada streets as they’re sacred and solely eligible for Lord Venkateswara’s cortege and caravan only“say the DyEO of Temple, Sri Kondandarama Rao.

Most of the devotees from lower financial gain teams are bringing their own food baggage and are making these galleries as their home for weeks during the time of brahmotsavams. Throughout the day and night pious music blared from high pitched audio speakers and big plasma televisions within the gallery provided live coverage SVBC that additionally unbroken them pleased with epic films of NTR etc. throughout the normal days. Neither the hot sun nor the chilly evenings or rains deter the devotees from missing the vahanams, says a TTD officer.

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