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Record Collection For Brahmotsavams TTD Deputy EO Said

Tirumala 10/10/16:
There is a record in the donation collection. When compared to other years this year there is a rapid increase of about rupees crores. This is just recorded in the nine days of brahmotsavams only. About Rs 17.30 crores were received. This is a representation that the number of pilgrims reaching the god is increasing year after year. And the increase in this count has also indicated that there is a change in the number of pilgrims to witness this celestial fete.

The deputy executive officer of TTD Sri G Kodandarama Rao, on Monday said that more than 5.9 lakhs of pilgrims took the darshan of the Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy in all these seven days of annual brahmotsavas. To avoid any in comfort to the devotees the doors of the temple are almost open all the day and the darshan is given to all of them. This is continued till the end of the brahmotsavas.

main tirumala templeAs there are a number of common devotees the services like vip break darshan were made short. This is to make the common pilgrims go without any trouble to see the Lord. With the instructions of the EO Dr Sambasiva Rao we have made it successful said the DY EO.
In the account of laddus, there has been an increase of the sale of laddu. Nearly 25.30 lakh laddus were sold and furthermore a total of seven lakh laddus were made ready to supply for all the devotees that are attending the brahmotsavas. And during the time of vahana seva all the galleries were made to accommodate more than 2 lakh pilgrim comfortably. Many devotees and donors has donated many fruits and flowers to decorate the lord in the form of deities and also his consorts.

Record Collection For Brahmotsavams TTD Deputy EO Said

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