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Rathotsavam Festival Celebrated On the Last day of 2016 Brahmotsavam

Tirumala, 10/10/16:
On the occasion of annual brahmotsavas, the eight day of this fete has become an eye feat for many pilgrims. On this day, the lord has taken his celestial ride on a chariot that is made of wood in the shape of a giant elephant with his consorts. The lord Malayappa Swamy took his ride in the four mada streets that are around the temple.

Importance of Rathotsavam:
“Rathotsavam Kesavam Dristwa Punarjanma Na Vidhate”
This is a very important sentence that means, if any one who sees the god while riding on a ratha, they will be freed permanently from all the bonds of luxury and family and they will never come into the cycle of life as they will be not born again. Even the ancient and most important Kathopanishad has compared the human body with the ratha. When compared, the human body is a chariot which is carrying the god in the form of soul and he is the only traveler in this car and is pulled by senses as its horses and the discrimination is the person who is riding the chariot.
Devotees Take Part in Pulling Rathotsavam:
All the devotees consider and take this as their life time achievement and that is the chance to pull the ratha. Some devotees try to touch the rope also. This rathotsavam is conducted during the ninth day of the annual braahmotsavas. This is even considered as an attractive and energetic even that is both religious and devotional. The devotees pull this chariot with their energy and they chant the sacred name of the lord as “Govinda Govinda”, they even believe that the chanting will give more energy to pull the almighty with their hands. And during this event in Tirumala several thoussasands of pilgrims witnessed this and they aall chated the same and the tirumala is echoed with that. To see that chariot and the Lord Malyappa sitting in a royal attitude with his two consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi, the devotees are very lucky and it is one of the ever seen visual treat.rathotsavam-2016

Rathotsavam Festival Celebrated On the Last day of 2016 Brahmotsavam

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