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Hinduism A Perspective

aum shrI dakshiNAmUrtayE namaH

Hinduism A Perspective:

Reverence to the holy guru sitting in happy position under the banyan tree, explaining the supreme truth through silence. Salutations to this source of knowledge, Salutations to the one who gives the knowledge, Salutations to this master-school which is the supreme truth.

To praise his sacred feet, my wealth, I would like to share some things I know about Hinduism. I call this a perspective because Hinduism is a big ocean and I’m really not sure anyone other than the Supreme knows it in its entirety. Although this may sound like a general introduction, people who have plunged into this ocean will really recognize it. Because Hinduism is not a textbook. It is a book of Vedham and Sidhdhi, which is knowledge and experience. These two are unlimited, as is Hinduism. You can spend a lifetime exploring Hinduism, but in the end you may never have seen its other shore.

There’s a story. A king wanted to know everything about supreme knowledge. Despite the advice of his ministers, being a king, he spent every day reading the scriptures without focusing on the government. One day, while walking in the beech, he saw a little child drinking a cup of water and pouring it into the sand. The boy continued to do it continuously. The king could not help wondering what the child was trying to accomplish. When he asked, the boy replied that he was trying to drain the ocean and continued his routine. The king shook him tightly in his hands and asked him, “What a fool, do you think you can dry the ocean with that little cup you have?” The boy patiently answered, “When our king tries to discover everything about the supreme knowledge in his brief life, why can not I dry this ocean with this little cup?

Hinduism is an ocean of nectar. Nobody should be lost. I do not know its depths, but I have a handful of nectar that I could take. From this little knowledge of the great thing, I am in my effort to share through the words the taste of nectar. Leave the blemeless Supreme, which is the essence of the truth, guide me so that only the truth that benefits all creatures is revealed and the dilution due to my faults is minimal. Humble greetings again and again to these glorious Supreme Feet.


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