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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – Y

Yajur-Veda = One of the four Vedas
yama = personal discipline
Yoga = (1) Acquisition of what is not yet acquired. (2) Communion, Communion of the individual soul with the Supreme; discipline leading to this communion (3) (In Patanjali) Samadhi, cessation of mental fluctuations (yuji samadhau).
Yogi = One who is seeking to or has been able to unite with the Universal consciousness.
Yogindra = the great yogi who has attained the sambhava state.
Yogini = the divine energy of Bhairava.
Yoginyah = The saktis-Khecari, Gocari, Dikcari, Bhucari etc.
Yoni = (1) womb, source. (2) The nine classes of consonants; in the context of letters, sakti is yoni, and Siva is bija. (3) The foursaktis, viz., Amba, Jyestha, Raudri, Vama (4) Maya-sakti =
Yonivarga Maya and its progeny; mayiya mala
Yugapat =simultanelusly

Hinduism Glossary of Terms – Y

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