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Mohini Avatar Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagat

Tirumala 07/10/16:
The fifth day of the annual brahmotsavas is carried out gracefully for the Sri Varu in Tirumala. The graceful lord has taken his ride on the palanquin that is decorated colorfully in the form Mohni, who is considered as the beauty of the universe. Mohini took a ride with Lord Sri Krishna Swamy on a colorful palanquin.

Although Lord Sri Maha Vishnu has taken many incarnations to protect people and the justice from evil hands, the mohini avatar or Mohini incarnation is not considered as an incarnation but it is the most beautiful from of a female. This is to fight the evil and protect the good.

Devasura Samaram:
After the extraction of the divine nectar Amrutham from the milk ocean after effortful churning, the asuras and the gods fought each other. The Lord has taken the incarnation of Mohini a Universal enchantress to help the deities in getting their nectar and to protect their immortality and making the demons enticing with her universal beauty.

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Charms as Mohini:
As a beautiful lady the incarnation of the Mohini is decorated with the colorful garments and some beautifully studded ornaments with beautifully cut diamonds and different colored stones and a very attractive stud for her nose and also the beautiful Suryachandra Saveri on her crown. She is holding parrots and lotus in one of her hand and other hand is posed to bless all the devotees eloquently. The lord has charmed all the pilgrims in the incarnation of Mohini with his beauty.

Entire World Under Sri Vishnu Maya:
In this celestial ride in the incarnation of Mohini the lord is explaining the devotees that all the life you are passing is filled with the Lord Maha Vishnu illusion. The arrogants who are strong enough cannot get what they want but people who take a refuge in the lord will obtain whatever they want.mohini-avatharamphoto from ttd

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