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TTD’S Elephants Cherishing in Brahmotsavams

Tirumala 06/10/16:
Vaishnavi, Anasuya, Lakshmi, Mahalakshmi, Padmaja, Padma, Revati, Srinidhi all of them felt proud and are blessed as they hold their dear services within the abode of Lord Venkateswara. These are the names of the Pachyderms that are sanctifying their lives within the religious service.

According to the Hindu mythology, Elephant is considered as the image of wealth because it is that the favorite vehicle of Hindu deity goddess Sri Mahalakshmi who is the consort of the Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. The richness of Lord Venkateswara Swamy has authorized with the valued assets of the elephants within the ornamental and pious service to Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala alongside with Bulls and mighty horses.

“While Elephant represents wealth, Bulls indicate the dharma of Hindu and the horse sense the supply of power”, says Dr AV Ramana Dikshitulu, one among the chief poojaris of Srivari temple indicating that the presence of the elephants, horse, bulls and others within the temple rituals of Tirumala.

About The Elephants:
Meanwhile among the elephants, Anasuya is that the youngest one aged fourteen years and the elephant with name lakshmi is oldest with fifty two years older. ‘We haven’t unbroken any male elephant because it is tough to stay them in captivity as the periods of ‘Masth’ throughout that the male hormones of that male elephant drove it wild’, aforementioned by the Director of SV Goshala Dr Harnath Reddy.

TTD on a median spends around Rs. six lakhs on every elephant once a year and its feed alone prices around three lakh rupees per month on all pachyderms. These panchadyms are fed with food ffor each half an hour and brought special care. ‘During processions on mada streets we tend to offer sugar cane and Napier drops for each twenty minutes to stay them calm and feel relaxing visible of the sound, serious lighting and additionally the crowds. The mahouts who are appointed as care takers to lookout the elephants were all given a special coaching with specialists from Kerala’, he said.

Elephants Donations:
Almost all the elephants were given by people and alternative states governments. The Karnataka government has given 3 elephants which incorporate one by former Prime Minister Sri HD Deve Gowda and another by R Gundu Rao. The government of Maharastra has additionally given two elephants.
photo from ttd

2 thoughts on “TTD’S Elephants Cherishing in Brahmotsavams

  1. Now we have very light and durable synthetic ropes and belts which can bear tens of tonnes of weight.Why cant we dispense with ageold practice of restrining the elephants with very heavy and painful iron chains L wish our TTD should stand as a role model to all other institutions maintaining elephants in India abroad

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