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Prayers for Specific Ailments | Hindu Prayer for Healing

Thirumurai – The medicine to Sufferings:

The Lord shiva who gives even Itself for the one who completely surrenders to It and serves selflessly, takes care of such a devotee in all the ups and downs of the life leading the devotee to the liberation. That would be the ultimate boon. Still people look for some helping hand when they are in some deep trouble. Many get mislead also going behind miracle performers and get cheated many times. The result is more pain than the temporary well being they get.

Miracle of these Prayers:

The shaivite saints. who lived 1500 years back, have sung the holy hymns – thirumuRai in a great spiritual wisdom and seeking only the Truth. The splendid powerful words (mantram) and the unadulterated devotion on Lord shiva being the base these hymns give the great cure for many of the sufferings in life. Instead of looking for unreliable sources for betterment one should seek the thirumurai path which apart from giving the benefit would slowly lead one to be set in the path towards the Almighty. Even those who do devotion without asking for returns would find these to be very enchanting hymns. Here are some of them. Let us sing these to get the blessings of the Three eyed Lord.

What is fate and why are there sufferings ?

Fate is not something just imposed on us. We have accumulated the good and bad things called karma through the thoughts, words and actions in the past births. Fate (called prarabdha) is one small part of that accumulation that is fed to us in this birth. (Detailed discussion on this could be found here ). Various powers of nature (like the divines of the various planets like Saturn, Venus etc.) have been given powers as the implementation officers to feed this effect of past karma at the appropriate time of life.

What is the way out ? Can astrology help me ?

In astrology using the zodiac – constellation found in the almanac the happenings are tried to be determined. There are some astrologers who suggest propitiating the associated planet divine (like rahu, shani…). One thing to be clearly kept in mind is that these divines are provided power by God to implement the effect of karma. They being sincere officers running the God given system, they are not authorized and would not stop short of feeding that karma. So one has to avoid doing bad deeds to escape from bad things happening to them in future and should hold on to God if one wants to completely come out of the iron and golden chains of bad and good karma !

But digesting the bad karma is not easy and it could be horrifying quite often. Can the highly merciful Lord not help out ? Definitely, God would like a mother who acts strict with the child for the child to correct itself, but softens when the child pleads in agony. So praying to Lord Shiva with sincere devotion would help people out of the difficult situations. There are hymns which are powerful mantras that are available to us in making these prayers. These mantra hymns are found to be making wonders through the past many centuries as recorded in various texts. Praying sincerely to Lord Shiva with the help of these hymns will definitely help the suffering ones.

How to do these prayers:

1) Chant them on a regular basis.
2) Even if you do not understand it at first, keep listening to it.
3) If you know the pan (melody) you can sing in that. The audio file provided could give some idea of the prescribed music for the hymn.
4) If you do not know the music, no harm you could just read the hymns.
5) If you cannot read these letters, try to listen to these songs with the help of the audio files.
6) Involve your continuously in God as much as possible while chanting.
7) You could also do this prayer on behalf of somebody else.
8) Once you get see the fruit of the prayer, thank God and continue your devotion (may be singing the same or some other padhikam). That would provide you the immunity against the possible ills in future.

Prayers for Specific Ailments | Hindu Prayer for Healing

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