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Processional Deities of Venkateswara Swamy Takes a Plesent Ride on Chandraprabha Vahanam

Tirumala, 09/10/16:
As a part of the celebrations the seventh day of the Brahmotsavams, the lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy has taken a celestial ride when the moon light is pleasant on the Sunday night. The ride taken on an illuminating vahanam of the Chandraprabha and he has blessed all the devotees.

Importance of Chandraprabha Vahanam:
As per the Puranas, the color of Chandra is white. Chandra is considered as a male character and he is young and also beautiful and also fair looking and is holding a club in one hand and another hand is containing lotus in his two hands. An antelope or ten horses are pulling his chariot and the horses are white in color and it is said that he rides in the night time.

There are a few other names that belong to moon are Rajanipati (which means lord of the night) another name is Indu (the brighten drop) and also kshuparaka (one who illuminates in the night)

The ride that the god has taken on the Chandra prabha, the lord has given all his devotees a soothing feeling with his presence that is very graceful.chandraprabha-vahanam-procession


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