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Golden Umbrella Presented to Sri Balaji on the Occasion of Rathotsavam

Tirumala, 9/10/16:
On behalf of the continuing Brahmotsavam the Golden Umbrella fete was grandly celebrated at Tirumala on the evening of Sunday.

As a part of the ancient and traditional custom the employees of the Kalyana Katta (barbers) ceremonially installed an ultra new umbrella that is made of gold sooner than the celebration of the auspicious Rathotsavam event that is going to be conducted in Tirumala tomorrow morning.

The heirs of the priest families are traditionally presenting an umbrella that is made of gold to the Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy since the times of the ruler Sri Krishnadevaraya of the most renewed kingdom Vijayanagar Empire. It is a wooden umbrella then however the Golden Umbrella is being offered since 1952. Now this time Sri Panthulugari Ramanathan, the descendant of the Pantulu family has bestowed the umbrellas on the ceremony on the evening of Tuesday.Golden Umbrella Sri Venkateswara

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