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Tirumala KalyanaKatta , Hair Offering Places With Timings


Tirumala Kalyana KattaAbout Kalyana Katta / Tonsuring (Head Shaving)

History of KalyanaKatta Tirumala: The word ‘TIRUPATI’ reminds every one of the tonsured heads and the laddus. KalyanaKatta in Tirumala is a multi-storeyed building where thousands of devotees offer their hair to Lord Sri Venkateswara and is located opposite to Free Meals office block. At KalyanaKatta, hundreds of believers of the Lord can have their heads shaved at the same time and this is done free of cost. A fascinating instance about this says that hair is the ‘crowning glory’ of an individual as it increases good looks. It is believed that the person who snips off the hair loses his ego and has a docile mind with which one can have the darsanam of the Lord. Hence many devotees happily and regularly shave off their head due to the multiple profits from it.

In the main KalyanaKatta, female barbers are also available from 2 am to 12 am.

Ear Piercing at KalyanaKatta Tirumala.
Hair of the newborn babies are prayed to be offered to the Lord Srinivasa here by many South Indian families who have their ‘Kuladeivam’ as Lord Venkatachalapathy, and they also pierce the ears of the infants in this divine place of KalyanaKatta Tirumala. There are professionals in a separate hall near Janata Canteen who pierce the ears. People pay them with either money, or rice, vegetables, fruits or flowers.

Story behind tonsuring at KalyanaKatta Tirumala.
The first devotee to offer hair to the Lord was Neela Devi. Hence the hill was named after her by Lord Srinivasa as Neeladri. A small part of Lord Srinivasa’s scalp loses hair and becomes patchy when hit by a shepherd on his head. The baldness on this portion was noticed by the Gandharva princess, Neeladevi who felt that no flaws should spoil such a good-looking face. She uses her powers and straightaway cuts a portion of her hair and imbeds it on his scalp. Lord Srinivasa pleased by her sacrifice, as hair is an attractive part of a woman, said that all the hair offered to him by the devotees in Tirumala or Tirupati would go to Neeladevi. Shaving off hair is also a symbol of parting with our ego. The word ‘Talanelalu’ is also derived from her name.

There are 16 mini Kalyana Kattas at important places in Tirumala which function from 6 am to 6 pm everyday, to perform tonsure for pilgrims staying in cottages and guesthouses. The fee charged at these locations is Rs. 10/- per head.

The places at which mini Kalyana Kattas are located are: Sri Venkateswara Guest House, N.G.G.H, Sri Varahaswami Guest House, Ram Bagicha Guest House (RBGH)-I, RBGH-II, RBGH-III, SPTC, MBC, TBC, SMC, ANC, HVC, Sri Padmavathi Guest House, Mysore Choultry, Sapthagiri Satramulu and Ist N.C

Sl.No. Name of the Mini Kalyanakatta Timings Payment / Free
1. A.N.C. , S.N.G.H., V.S.G.H. 03.00 AM TO 09.00 PM Rs.10/- per Tonsure
2. R.B.G.H., S.G.G.H.
H.V.C., T.B.C., P.J.R.H., M.B.C., N.G.G.H., K.T.B.G.H., V.P.G.H., S.M.C.
06.00 AM TO 06.00 PM

Locations of KalyanaKatta and other Hair offering places in Tirumala with Timings:

  1. KalyanaKatta from 2.00 am  to 12.00 am
  2. KalyanaKatta 2 from 2.00 am to 12.00 am
  3. Rambageecha Guest House from to 6 pm
  4. Sri Venkateswara Guest House from to 6.00 pm
  5. Padmavathi Guest House from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm
  6. Pilgrim Amenities Complex (Opposite to Tirumala Bus Terminus)  from 6.00 .am to 9.00 pm
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  1. Ashwini
    In north normal practice is that you should not tonsure head when your parent are alive. Can I tonsure at Balaji ?

    • Dear Ashwini
      It is all our belief which fixed by our forefathers or the astrologers.
      I see many womens over here in the south, after marriage have tonsured their hairs. Any body a women or men can tonsure their hairs at Thirumala as an offer for the lord. So its not a mistake. The TTD devasthanam has allotted women workers to tonsure womens. If it shoule not be done then TTD would have not provided right.
      So think and then offer.
      Also let your decission do not afflict others, in the family and its also a sin. As you a women you need to abide with such beliefs. Here if your husband supports then you can very well offer tonsure of hairs.

    • Dear Ashwini
      If you wish / desire to offer hairs then you can offer as there is not problem for that.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  2. can i offer hair tonsure in ram bagicha guest house without accomodation in particular guest house in tirumala??

    • Hai Pawan
      Yes you can. Here are the toll free numbers of the TTD Temple authority. you can call them regarding your doubt. Toll Free nos: 1800425111111, 1800425333333 / Phone: +91-877-2233333 / 2277777.

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