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Rahu House and its Effects | Rahu Different House Chart


Rahu House Chart

First House:
Good Effects: Native gets victory over enemies. The more one spends the more one gets. One can use other’s power to do his work. One would never be satisfied with one’s woman because of one’s sexual powers.

Bad Effects: There are problems up to the age of 40 because of Rahu. If in service, then one might get regular transfers without any promotion. One would have problems from Government service. There are issues with one’s belief in religion, maternal family, bad and miserly nature. Also, one has some illnesses.

Second House:
Good Effects: Native who is not a king would enjoy the powers of a king. One would be happy in foreign lands rather than one’s mother land. One sees too many ups and downs in life.

Bad Effects: One would always be a liar and a robber. One might not be rich. One might face incidents of thefts even during the daylight. One might have to go to jail.

Third House:
Good Effects: Native would always be alert and fearless by nature. This is the PAKKA GHAR of Rahu. One would never die with debts. One would have properties. When Rahu is alone here, then the native would have good money and long life. One can see two years before future in one’s dream that are mostly true. The native would have a son and his son would have a long life. One would travel foreign lands. One could be a Minister or at higher post in Government office.

Bad Effects: Loans given to brother or relatives would be bad debts.

Fourth House:
Good Effects: Native might become rich but would spend according to own wishes. One might get money from in-laws or money/wealth would start increasing from the marriage day. One can be a Minister or can reach higher levels in Government.

Bad Effects: Native’s mother might be ill. One would lack happiness from mother. Rahu does not do anything bad while sitting in this house. However, if the native makes his Rahu worse, then there could be harmful issues. One might marry twice.

Fifth House:
Good Effects: Native would live in plentiful lifestyle. One would be fond of beauty.

Bad Effects: There is nothing that goes right in life. Native does not have any children. There are problems of having a child and problems of having children. Also, there are problems in education, and mental tension.

Sixth House:
Good Effects: Native would have luxury. Native would always be stronger than enemies. One would resolve all problems in very short time. One would have a brilliant mind. One could be a Minister or at higher post in Government office.

Bad Effects: If the native quarrels with elder brother or sister, then one’s downfall is for sure. One would not be happy with one’s mother’s brother [uncle]. One would waste one’s money. Also, one could have back pain.

Seventh House:
Good Effects: Native is benefited by Government. One would never be in a situation to ask anyone for help.

Bad Effects: Women should not marry before 21 years or else she might die or get separated. Natives are never happily married. One’s wife can die so one has to remarry again. One might get a bad wife. Also, people would cheat and take wealth from the native.

Eigth House:
Good Effects: The native might be awarded by the Government.

Bad Effects: The native faces ups and downs every 4 years. On the whole, nothing seems to be good in life. If one earns through unfair means, one would lose eight times the money earned. One would be interested in illegal tactics. Also, one could have sudden accident, loss of health and wealth. One would be a robber or engaged in bad deeds.

Ninth House:
Good Effects: The native might be a psychologist whose dishonesty might cause his downfall. One would earn in foreign lands. One would never leave his work half finished.

Bad Effects: One might lose money on saints. One would donate a lot on temples. One would not keep relations with father. One’s son could die before birth. On quarrelling with elders, one can lose money and one’s children might also suffer.

Tenth House:
Good Effects: The native is brave, and rich. One has long life that is good for business. Also, he makes a good father. One could be a Minister or Government officer.

Bad Effects: Bad for the native and mother in respect of health. One spends too much money. Usually, one is alcoholic, selfish or arrogant [ghamandi].

Eleventh House:
Good Effects: Native should live with his father for good health, wealth and family happiness. One could be Minister or at higher Government post. One would always go out with employees or workers. One would travel a lot.

Bad Effects: The native suffers from diseases of ear, legs, back bone, legs. One might not keep any relationship with father.

Twelfth House:
Good Effects: The native enjoys night comforts and his in-laws would be rich.

Bad Effects: There is nothing that seems to be right in life. One would be a liar, cheat and do bad deeds. One would have wasteful expenditure. One would always be fighting with others. Also, one does robbery and spends more on family.

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