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Rahu Effects in Zodiac Names in Telugu | Tamil | Hindi | English


Rahu in Mesha Rasi / Mesh / Aries / Mesham:
There is competition and vitality privilege. Rahu expands violence and rivalry. It gives the desire to be a hero and a winner. Also it provides selfishness, athleticism, physical-body-oriented lifestyle. Rahu might cause one to have extremely focused single goal. As a result, it is apparent as apparent as childlike or ruthless way depending on Kuja.

Rahu in Vrishaba Rasi / Vrishaba / Taurus / Rishabam:
There is power of balance and design. Rahu increases sensual and self-indulgent behaviours. This causes wishes for physical senses, love of nature, craving for beautiful people and things. One can become focused on search of wealth, fine food and drinks.

Rahu in Mithun Rasi / Mithun / Gemini / Mithunam:
There is claim of outgoing relationship. Rahu increases a desire to define and solve problems. There are eagerness for conversation, sexual attractions, pairings and intellectual stimulation. One might become extremely focused on short-term solutions to long-term problems.

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Rahu in Karkataka Rasi / Kark / Cancer / Katakam:
Rahu causes power of psycho emotional. Rahu increases the full range of mind’s astral awareness. This includes the sympathy to deep flows of development of emotions in self and others. There is strong wants of security and stability. One is never satisfied with the deepness of family bonding. One can never have enough chance to give and receive parental love and care. Yet, the native is by nature emotionally variable and changing every day. One is a highly unstable parent. The native often demonstrates a great exhibit of parenting or patriotism or both. However, this planned show is to invite attention for making occasions for profound sensual experience. Thus, this is not a display of satisfaction. The native can result into parent complex taking care of everyone within reach. One has a special fascination to people who are detached from their roots. These include the poor, homeless, and stateless. One can become focused on protecting family, home and homeland from invaders, psychic or physical calamities. However, the native seeks public validation of parenting role that the native feels unstable.

Rahu in Simha Rasi / Sinh / Leo / Simmam:
The native has powers of ethical leadership. Rahu increases rational, philosophical attitude and confidence that one’s view is correct. One wants attention, recognition of their social and ethical worth. One can become very focused on stunning friends, celebrity events, etc. One can be preoccupied with personal appearance, media handling and their public image.

Rahu in Kanya Rasi / Virgo / Kanni:
The native has powers of outgoing relationship. Rahu increases logical inclination that causes inclination towards details, clear expression, fine, clean, healthy writing. One wants to be methodically thorough. Yet, in one’s passion for completeness one can overlook the basics. One can be absolutely driven perfectionists.

Rahu in Tula Rasi / Libra / Thulam:
The native has power to be balanced and designed. Rahu increases the enthusiasm for good design, agreeable relationships, and social order. One would risk with surprising energy to meet one’s goal by balancing well making reasonable social arrangements. One can be possessed with formal aesthetic issues, balancing many relationships, while keeping up a perfect public appearance.

Rahu in Vrischika Rasi / Vrishik / Scorpio / Viruchigam:
The native has power in competition and energy. Rahu increases calculating and secretive behaviours. One wants considerable but nameless, hidden power. One gets desires to assume and maintain control, occultism. Also, also has affinity to the cycle of birth and death. One has the probable deep healing powers. One can become very focused on the discovery or recovery process.

Rahu in Dhannus Rasi / Dhanu / Sagittarius / Dhanusu:
The native has powers of wisdom and development. Rahu increases hopefulness and faith in human beings, and in authorisation through education. One can be a compulsive coach who keenly believes in one’s athletes. Also, one could be a strict teacher who changes unruly youth. One can be fanatical with religious faith to the point of devotion. This can be compared with habitual gambler who keeps on betting on the dark horse. One keeps a positive vision through excessive faith.

Rahu in Makara Rasi / Makar / Capricorn / Makaram:
The native has power in structure, position, ranking and social justice. Rahu increase the want for decency and status that makes one’s style simple and unassuming. Rahu takes risks in following Shani’s conservative goals. Hence, this is complex and often ironic placement. One craves for leadership and position. One can be preoccupied with notable achievement to the point of taking individual credit for the work done by a group.

Rahu in Kumba (Aquarius) Rasi / Kumba / Aquarius / Kumbam:
The native has power of scientific, conceptual, philosophical structure and large-system authoritarian. Rahu increases desires to be a creative thinker of the world. Also, Rahu shows how everything is related to each other. One often works at angry reasons with their own goals. One supports a point of view that one does not believe as an individual. Person is keen to please those who pay for being a spokesperson for the world. One is contradictory person. One’s idea might be genuine or fake. One can make good profit from promoting a elite or negative belief.

Rahu in Meena Rasi / Meen / Pisces / Meenam:
The native has the power of wisdom and development. Rahu increases the desire to seek shelter in the world of impulsive and private awareness. One likes foreign travels. One has more psychic abilities. One can increase childlike play or fear depending on supporting planets. One is at level with secret activities. These might be like vanishing into an ashram for a week for praying, travelling undercover or conducting unauthorized spying. Depends which spirits they are controlling.

Rahu Effects in Zodiac Names in Telugu | Tamil | Hindi | English

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