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Home / Information / Sri Kalahasti Rahu Ketu Pooja, Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja, Timings and Place of Pooja

Sri Kalahasti Rahu Ketu Pooja, Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja, Timings and Place of Pooja


Sri Kalahasti Temple Timings 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM:

Sri Kalahasti Temple Rahu Ketu Pooja Ticket Price:

Rs.500, Rs.750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 2500, Rs.5000.

Poojas and Sevas at Srikalahasti Temple:

1) Suprabhata Seva, Ticket Price Rs. 50/-
2) Gomatha Pooja, Ticket Price Rs. 50/-
3) Archana Ticket, Price Rs. 25/-
4) Sahasranamarchana, Ticket Price Rs. 200/-
5) Thrisathi Archana, Ticket Price Rs. 125/-
6) Rahu Ketu Pooja, Ticket Price Rs. 300/- Place of Puja:- Sri Krishna Devaraya Mandapam from 6.00 am – 6.00 pm.
7) Special Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja, Ticket Price Rs. 750/- Place of Puja:- Gnanambika Mandapam from 6.00 am – 6.00 pm.
8) Aseervachana Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja, Ticket Price Rs. 1500/- Place of Puja:- Outside temple near Dwajasthambham (Addala Mantap) from 6.00 am – 6.00 pm.
9) Special Aseervachana Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja, Ticket Price Rs. 2500/-, Place of Puja:- Inside temple. Near to Kalyanotsavam Mantapam from 6.00 am – 6.00pm`.

Srikalahasteeswara temple

Best Time to Perform Rahu Ketu Pooja:

Sunday 4:30 PM To 6.00 PM
Monday 7:30 AM To 9.00 AM
Tuesday 3.00 PM To 4:30 PM
Wednesday 12:00 PM To 1:30 PM
Thursday 1:30 PM To 3.00 PM
Friday 10:30 AM To 12.00 Noon
Saturday 9:00 AM To 10:30 AM

For Better Pooja results, Perform Rahu Ketu Pooja during Rahu Kalam Timings.

Sri Kalahasti Address:

Andhra Pradesh 517644
Phone:085782 22240

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  1. Namasthe guruji ,
    NAME : SAISARIKA. DOB : 02/04/1993. TOB : 6.30 evening, POB: Hyderabad. Sir, i want to know about marriage fate …. many proposals came but not clicking and from near astrology sir got to know i have kalsarpdosha …so please can you tell me when i will get married . And for dosha what can i do

    • Dear Saisarika
      You don’t have Kaala sarpa dosham and even Kuja dosham also.
      Its because bad planet (for your ascendant) Venus (presently Venus Maha Dasa) placed in 7th house which is kalathra (marriage) house and Kethu (very weak) is placed bad in 9th house damaging your fortunes.
      So need to perform Rahu kethu pooja at Mopi Devi Subrahmanya temple or at Kalahasthi and if possible visit and worship Kethu planet at Kethu kshethra near Kumbakonam. Kethu temple near Kumbakonam contact number :- 04364 260 424.
      Vrushabha (Taurus), Makara (Capricorn), Karkataka (Cancer), and Vrushchika (Scorpio) are highly suitable. Meshach (Aries), Simha ((Leo), and Kumbha (Aquarius) must be avoided such matches will cause mental trauma. Some of their marriages (of Virgo) end in divorce. This leads to second marriages. So, they need to be careful in selecting life partners.
      Recite Shukra manthra for 108 times on every Fridays.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  2. MY date of birth is 09/02/1986,
    Presently facing lot y financial crises,
    Is der a way to come out of it by any Pooja?
    Kindly suggest guruji

    • Dear Sagar
      There is no time and place of birth. Send it and i let you know.
      Or just worship Lord Ganesh and he is one best troubleshooter of any sort of problems.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        • Dear Sagar
          You have Anantha / Vipareetha Kala sarpa dosham.
          Daily worship Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya and Lord Shiva Parvathi.
          Perform Rahu Kethu pooja regularly or once and then after place two Naaga idols of Rahu and Kethu at home and offer your worship.
          Recite Shiva Panchakshari Manthra and Maha Mrithyunjeya manthra regularly.
          Perform Water Abhishekam to a Shiva Linga at your home itself and worship the lord during evening hours 0600 pm and 0700 pm.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Namskar Guruji

    My name is Balkrishna Mamillapalli
    DOB 03/09/1991
    TIME- 20.55hrs


    • Dear Balkrishna Mamillapalli
      Remedies –
      Observing fast on any given Friday is the best way to do the puja and appease Lord Shukra.
      Worshipping Lord Shiva (as Lord Shukra is a devotee of Lord Shiva) and Ganesha helps in pleasing lord Shukra. Goddess Lakshmi can also be prayed to appease Shukra Bhagwan.
      Chant Shukra Shanti Mantra while performing the puja.
      Homam or Havan can also be performed. Consult a priest to do this or simply you can perform the pooja reciting the manthra on any friday offering some basic material as usual.
      On a Friday, donate white clothes and wearable things (bangles, saree, chains etc ) to needy and young Girls.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    • My namr is anusha, dob : 15 _ December_1990, 4.00 am. IAM suffering so many problems please suggest me any doshas and remedies please thank you.

      • Dear Anusha
        What sort of problem career, family or what please comment and we let you know a remedy.
        Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Namaskar Guruji,

    MY DOB is 08/03/1994, Time 7.10 pm & POB is Vadodara. Could you please let me know is there any need to perform RAHU KETU Pooja.

    • Dear Joy
      Yes do perform rahu kethu pooja as you may be lack of good luck.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  5. Name satya sivarao
    DOB 16-5-1986
    4.31 AM
    marriage getting delayed, plz suggest me doshas and remedies.. Thank you

    • Dear Satya sivarao
      You have Naaga Dosham. So need to perform Naaga Prathishta pooja or Rahu kethu pooja.
      You have Rahu conjoined with Mercury at Mars owned House in Lagna (1st House) is inauspicious. This will impact your assesing capabilities, abilities and thus forces to set impractical goals or targets in life.
      This placement puts you into dilemma even you frame out your goals or your initiatives of any deeds. You may have a new or a unique concept of something but you would not be able to exhibit or execute it.
      So you need to practice Yoga Meditation etc daily at least for an hour. This makes your mentality to become strong enought to draft constructive goals and decissions.
      You should also make yourself dedicated to spritual practices i mean regular worship with utmost sincerity.
      Your marriage gets delays, finds some troubles in your career also. So do as i said above.
      Om Namah Shivaya

      • Guruji I have done rahu kethu Pooja yesterday at 11am… Rahu kethu Pooja is enough or I have to Naga prathistha pooja…

        • Dear Satya Sivarao
          Enough. But if you find no changes then do it again after an year.
          At home daily worship Lord Ganesh and Subrahmanya regularly and do visit temple also.
          Om Namah Shivaya

          • Name Sneha
            DOB 07-March-1997
            Time : 05:32 AM
            I am suffering career problems. I didn’t get job and Marriage is getting delayed. Please suggest me doshas and remedies.

            • Dear Sneha
              You have Kuja Dosham. So marriage may delays.
              So perform Kumba vivaha ritual and then participate in Kalyanam utsav of Lord Venkateshwara or Ahobila Narasimha swamy or perform Abhishekam and paricipate in Kalyanam of Lord Subrahmanya on a Tuesday.
              Worship Lord Ganesh and recite Subrahmanya Bhujanga sthothram daily.
              You may get marry as soon as possible.
              Career sthanam is good but since lagna adhipathi is posited malefic it also delays or get after a long struggle.
              Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Guruji
    My name satya sivarao
    DOB 16 – 5-1986
    time 4.31 am
    may I know what exactly my current situation?

    • Dear Satya sivarao
      We do not analyse present transit of planets to predict present situation of one native. We do give only about some of the doshas and remedies for that. Or else you comment what do you want.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  7. Namaskar Guruji

    Name: Mounika
    DOB: 12-oct-1993
    TOB: 5:40 PM
    POB: Challapalli,Krishna dist

    MY HUSBAND NAME: Bhanu Prakash
    DOB: 10-09-1994

    We got married on 19-09-2019 .how is our marriage compatability? is there any dhosham in our zodiac signs & married lives?Please let us know presence of dhosham’s & suggest remedies for happy going married life Guruji.Thank you.

    • Dear Mounika
      Your compatibility is normal.
      About married life would be good till you maintain everything in line and lenght. Do never over dominate your partner as it may goes wrong.
      No major dosham.
      You mounika doing rahu kethu pooja is better.
      Presently Bhanu is in the Saturn maha dasa period so worship Lord Hanuman daily is better for all his actions and deeds. Visit temple of Hanuman regularly is suggestible.
      You worship Lord Ganesh, Subrahmanya and Goddess Durga.
      Recite Gayathri Manthra for 108 times daily.
      Recite Ardhanareeshwara sthothram on every Monday evening time, Vishnu Sahasra naama on every Saturdays, and observing Sashti Vrath.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  8. My DOB is 17/09/1986 born in the evening at 9.47’pm.
    May I know what exactly is my current situation ?
    Informed by the priest that to KhalaSarva Pooja at Khalasthi Temple.
    Why do I need to do this prayers? What exactly will happen, if not?

    • Dear Tamilvaanan Anbalagan
      There is no Kaala Sarpa Dosham but there may be partial effect due to the weak placement of rahu and kethu which possible adverse effects on Married life, delay in marriage, delay in begetting a child, not favors to undertake a business succesfully, a normal education, low intelligent quotient etc.
      Yes doing Rahu Kethu pooja at Sri Kalahasthi is required.
      First perform Pooja to Lord Ganesha and then Rudhra Abhishekam and then rahu kethu pooja on any Panchami, Sashti, Amavasya, Pournami, Ashlesha Nakshathra day raahu kaal time.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  9. My DOB is 22-11-1968 Morning : 08:00 AM, in rahu dasha, could you please enlighten when it started and in which period i am in.

    • Dear Manoj
      Rahu Maha Dasa started from 01.2018 and finishes on 01.2036.
      Perform Rahu kethu pooja on regular intervals like once in a year or asp per your possibility but should have six months gap.
      At Home Recite Garuda Manthra for 108 times daily or every Saturdays and visit Venkateshwara temple to worship Garuda deva.
      Om Namah Shivaya

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