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Sri Ram Navami Fast | Sri Rama Navami Vratham

Sri Ram Navami vrata is nitya [compulsory] for the followers of Ram or volunteers. The vrata is highly acclaimed because it washes away the devotee’s sins and confers Moksha [liberation].

The vrata starts from the previous night with fasting. On Ram Navami the followers continue with their fasting. They offer prayers, worship and homa to Lord Ram’s image installed in a specially prepared shrine. They do Japa of Ram’s mantra and keep watch in the night. After completing the vrata the devotee donates the image to an Acharya with other gifts.

There are three different types of fasts that are held Sri Ram Navami:

1) Fasting until noon.
2) Eating only once during the day.
3) Fasting till midnight.
4) Fasting for nine days beginning on the first day of Chaitra.

During fasting, when a devotee eats one single meal, it comprises of fruits and fruit extracts. Alternatively, when a devotee eats a full meal, it includes potatoes cooked in a special recipe. The potatoes should be prepared without using Haldi [turmeric], garlic, ginger or onion. Other items the devotee is allowed to eat are fruits and any type of vegetables. Also, curd, tea, coffee, milk, and water are allowed.

Sri Rama Swamy

Sri Rama Navami Vrat:

The followers of Lord Ram observe fasting or vrat the entire day on Sri Ram Navami festival. It is not necessary to keep Nirjal Vrat [waterless fast]. Yet, there are many devotees who observe a tough fast. They do not drink any drop of water till midnight when they break their fast.

The devotees who like to follow a particular diet for their fasting should eat certain foodstuffs. These include potatoes prepared in any form without using any Haldi [turmeric], garlic, ginger or onion. The devotees may use Sendha namak [rock salt] for preparing food for Ram Navami fast. During fasting, the devotees can take eat curd, milk, tea, coffee, fruits and root vegetables.

Significance of Fasting On Sri Ram Navami:

Similar to most Hindu festivals, fasting has special significance in Sri Ram Navami celebrations too. People believe that any devotee fasting on Sri Rama Navami with sincerity and extreme devotion is blessed. The devotee has good health, abundant wealth and prosperity for the year ahead. Therefore, fasting on Rama Navami has been an age old traditional custom. The concept of fasting has been supported by ancient Hinduism religious texts. Fasting is the only means of gaining happiness in this material world. Also, fasting is the best method of achieving salvation. Rama Navami vrat has always been one of the five most important fastings of ancient times.

Sri Rama Ashtothram:

OM shriiraamaaya Namaha
OM raamabhadraaya Namaha
OM raamachandraaya Namaha
OM shaashvataaya Namaha
OM raajiivalochanaaya Namaha
OM shriimate Namaha
OM raajendraaya Namaha
OM raghupu.ngavaaya Namaha
OM jaanakiivallabhaaya Namaha
OM jaitraaya Namaha ॥ 10 ॥

OM jitaamitraaya Namaha
OM janaardanaaya Namaha
OM vishvaamitrapriyaaya Namaha
OM daantaaya Namaha
OM sharaNatraaNa tatparaaya Namaha
OM vaalipramathanaaya Namaha
OM vaagmine Namaha
OM satyavaache Namaha
OM satyavikramaaya Namaha
OM satyavrataaya Namaha ॥ 20 ॥

OM vratadharaaya Namaha
OM sadaahanumadaashritaaya Namaha
OM kausaleyaaya Namaha
OM kharadhva.nsine Namaha
OM viraadhavadhapaNDitaaya Namaha
OM vibhiishhaNa paritraatre Namaha
OM harakodaNDa kha.nDanaaya Namaha
OM saptataala prabhettre Namaha
OM dashagriiva shiroharaaya Namaha
OM jaamadgnya mahaadarpadalanaaya Namaha ॥ 30 ॥

OM taaTakaantakaaya Namaha
OM vedaantasaaraaya Namaha
OM vedaatmane Namaha
OM bhavarogasya bheshhajaaya Namaha
OM duushhaNa trishiro hantre Namaha
OM trimuurtaye Namaha
OM triguNaatmakaaya Namaha
OM trivikramaaya Namaha
OM trilokaatmane Namaha
OM puNyachaaritrakiirtanaaya Namaha ॥ 40 ॥

OM trilokaraxakaaya Namaha
OM dhanvine Namaha
OM danDakaaraNya puNyakRite Namaha
OM ahalyaa shaapa shamanaaya Namaha
OM pitRi bhaktaaya Namaha
OM varapradaaya Namaha
OM jitendriyaaya Namaha
OM jitakrodhaaya Namaha
OM jitaamitraaya Namaha
OM jagadgurave Namaha ॥ 50 ॥

OM Rixa vaanara sa.nghaatine Namaha
OM chitrakuuTa samaashrayaaya Namaha
OM jayanta traaNa varadaaya Namaha
OM sumitraaputra sevitaaya Namaha
OM sarvadevaadi devaaya Namaha
OM mRitavaanar jiivitaaya Namaha
OM maayaamaariichahantre Namaha
OM mahaadevaaya Namaha
OM mahaabhujaaya Namaha
OM sarvadevastutaaya Namaha ॥ 60 ॥

OM saumyaaya Namaha
OM brahmaNyaaya Namaha
OM munisaMstutaaya Namaha
OM mahaa yogine Namaha
OM mahodaraaya Namaha
OM sugriivepsita raajyadaaya Namaha
OM sarvapuNyaadhika phalaaya Namaha
OM smRita sarvaagha naashanaaya Namaha
OM aadipurushhaaya Namaha
OM paramapurushhaaya Namaha
OM mahaapurushhaaya Namaha ॥ 70 ॥

OM puNyodayaaya Namaha
OM dayaasaaraaya Namaha
OM puraaNapurushhottamaaya Namaha
OM smitavaktraaya Namaha
OM mitabhaashhiNe Namaha
OM puurvabhaashhiNe Namaha
OM raaghavaaya Namaha
OM anantaguNa gaMbhiiraaya Namaha
OM dhiiroddaattaguNottamaaya Namaha
OM maayaamaanushha charitraaya Namaha ॥ 80 ॥

OM mahaadevaadipuujitaaya Namaha
OM setukRite Namaha
OM jitavaaraashaye Namaha
OM sarvatiirthamayaaya Namaha
OM haraye Namaha
OM shyaamaa.ngaaya Namaha
OM sundaraaya Namaha
OM shuuraaya Namaha
OM piitavaasase Namaha
OM dhanurdharaaya Namaha ॥ 90 ॥

OM sarvayaGYaadhipaaya Namaha
OM yajvane Namaha
OM jaraamaraNavarjitaaya Namaha
OM vibhiishhaNa pratishhThaatre Namaha
OM sarvaavaguNavarjitaaya Namaha
OM paramaatmane Namaha
OM parasmai brahmaNe Namaha
OM sachchidaananda vigrihaaya Namaha
OM parasmai jyotishhe Namaha
OM parasmai dhaamne Namaha ॥ 100 ॥

OM paraakaashaaya Namaha
OM paraatparaaya Namaha
OM pareshaaya Namaha
OM paaragaaya Namaha
OM paaraaya Namaha
OM sarvadevaatmakaaya parasmai Namaha ॥ 106 ॥

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