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Home / Hindu Mantras / Vishnu Stotram / Sri Vishnu 108 Mantra Names in Hindi and Meaning | | Lord Bishnu

Sri Vishnu 108 Mantra Names in Hindi and Meaning | | Lord Bishnu


About Sri Vishnu:

The word Vishnu means “one who pervades”. He permeates the entire universe. He is also known as Naarayana, Purushottama, Parandhama, Mukunda and Hari. Naarayana means “someone who has transformed the heart of human beings into adobe.”

There are many temples dedicated to Sri Maha Vishnu. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu and Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum, Kerala are very famous in southern India. Srirangam is considered the first and most important of the 108 main temples of Vishnu (Divyadesams) . This temple is also known as Bhooloka Vaikundam.

The supreme abode of Lord Maha Vishnu is Vaikuntha. He rests on Ananta Shesha (big snake) . His consort is Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi. He is the Lord of all the worlds and the eliminator of all the causes of fear.

Sri Maha Vishnu has four arms that holding Shankha (conch) , Chakara (disk) , Gadha (mace) and Padma (lotus) . The Shanka represents the five basic elements of the universe, namely the Earth, water, fire, air and sky. Chakra means cosmic mind. The spirit is fast and lively like the chakra. Gadha indicates the cosmic intellect and Padma indicates the evolving world.

The people of South India worship Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi as the wife of Sri Maha Vishnu. The goddess Sridevi is the spiritual energy of God and the goddess Bhoodevi is the mother of this universe. Sridevi and Bhoodevi are the two manifestations of the goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi.

Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Vishnu Names and Meaning:

1) ॐ विष्णवे नमः।
Om Vishnave Namah। = All Prevailing Lord
2) ॐ लक्ष्मीपतये नमः।
Om Lakshmipataye Namah। = Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
3) ॐ कृष्णाय नमः।
Om Krishnaya Namah। = Dark-Complexioned Lord
4) ॐ वैकुण्ठाय नमः।
Om Vaikunthaya Namah। = Home of Lord Vishnu
5) ॐ गरुडध्वजाय नमः।
Om Garudadhwajaya Namah। = Name of Lord Vishnu
6) ॐ परब्रह्मणे नमः।
Om Parabrahmane Namah। = The Supreme Absolute Truth
7) ॐ जगन्नाथाय नमः।
Om Jagannathaya Namah। = Lord of the Universe
8) ॐ वासुदेवाय नमः।
Om Vasudevaya Namah। = Indwelling God
9) ॐ त्रिविक्रमाय नमः।
Om Trivikramaya Namah। = Conqueror of All the Three Worlds
10) ॐ दैत्यान्तकाय नमः।
Om Daityantakaya Namah। = Destroyer of Evils || 10 ||

11) ॐ मधुरिपवे नमः।
Om Madhuripave Namah। = Sweetness
12) ॐ तार्क्ष्यवाहनाय नमः।
Om Tarkshyavahanaya Namah। = Name of Lord Vishnu’s Carriage
13) ॐ सनातनाय नमः।
Om Sanatanaya Namah। = The Eternal Lord
14) ॐ नारायणाय नमः।
Om Narayanaya Namah। = The Refuge of Everyone
15) ॐ पद्मनाभाय नमः।
Om Padmanabhaya Namah। = The Lord Who has a Lotus Shaped Navel
16) ॐ हृषीकेशाय नमः।
Om Hrishikeshaya Namah। = The Lord of All Senses
17) ॐ सुधाप्रदाय नमः।
Om Sudhapradaya Namah।
18) ॐ माधवाय नमः।
Om Madhavaya Namah। = Knowledge Filled God
19) ॐ पुण्डरीकाक्षाय नमः।
Om Pundarikakshaya Namah। = The Lotus Eyed Lord
20) ॐ स्थितिकर्त्रे नमः।
Om Sthitikarta Namah। = A name of Lord Vishnu || 20 ||

21) ॐ परात्पराय नमः।
Om Paratparaya Namah। = Greatest amongst the greats
22) ॐ वनमालिने नमः।
Om Vanamaline Namah। = One Who Wears a Garland of Forest Flowers
23) ॐ यज्ञरूपाय नमः।
Om Yajnarupaya Namah।
24) ॐ चक्रपाणये नमः।
Om Chakrapanaye Namah।
25) ॐ गदाधराय नमः।
Om Gadadharaya Namah। = One Who Holds a Mace (Gada)
26) ॐ उपेन्द्राय नमः।
Om Upendraya Namah। = Brother of Indra
27) ॐ केशवाय नमः।
Om Keshavaya Namah। = He Who has Beautiful Locks of Hair
28) ॐ हंसाय नमः।
Om Hamsaya Namah।
29) ॐ समुद्रमथनाय नमः।
Om Samudramathanaya Namah।
30) ॐ हरये नमः।
Om Haraye Namah। = The Lord of Nature || 30 ||

31) ॐ गोविन्दाय नमः।
Om Govindaya Namah। = One Who Pleases the Cows and the Nature
32) ॐ ब्रह्मजनकाय नमः।
Om Brahmajanakaya Namah।
33) ॐ कैटभासुरमर्दनाय नमः।
Om Kaitabhasuramardanaya Namah।
34) ॐ श्रीधराय नमः।
Om Shridharaya Namah। = Holder of Sri
35) ॐ कामजनकाय नमः।
Om Kamajanakaya Namah।
36) ॐ शेषशायिने नमः।
Om Sheshashayine Namah।
37) ॐ चतुर्भुजाय नमः।
Om Chaturbhujaya Namah। = Four-Armed Lord
38) ॐ पाञ्चजन्यधराय नमः।
Om Panchajanyadharaya Namah।
39) ॐ श्रीमते नमः।
Om Shrimate Namah। = Name of Lord Vishnu
40) ॐ शार्ङ्गपाणये नमः।
Om Sharngapanaye Namah। || 40 ||

41) ॐ जनार्दनाय नमः।
Om Janardanaya Namah। = One Who Helps All Needy People – Like Compassion
42) ॐ पीताम्बरधराय नमः।
Om Pitambaradharaya Namah। = He Who Wears Yellow Garments
43) ॐ देवाय नमः।
Om Devaya Namah । = Divine
44) ॐ सूर्यचन्द्रविलोचनाय नमः।
Om Suryachandravilochanaya Namah।
45) ॐ मत्स्यरूपाय नमः।
Om Matsyarupaya Namah। = Lord Matsya – An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
46) ॐ कूर्मतनवे नमः।
Om Kurmatanave Namah।
47) ॐ क्रोडरूपाय नमः।
Om Krodarupaya Namah।
48) ॐ नृकेसरिणे नमः।
Om Nrikesarine Namah। = The Fourth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
49) ॐ वामनाय नमः।
Om Vamanaya Namah। = The Dwarf Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
50) ॐ भार्गवाय नमः।
Om Bhargavaya Namah। || 50 ||

51) ॐ रामाय नमः।
Om Ramaya Namah। = Seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
52) ॐ बलिने नमः।
Om Baline Namah। = The Lord of Strength
53) ॐ कल्किने नमः।
Om Kalkine Namah। = Another Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Will Appear at the End of Kaliyuga
54) ॐ हयाननाय नमः।
Om Hayananaya Namah।
55) ॐ विश्वम्भराय नमः।
Om Vishwambharaya Namah।
56) ॐ शिशुमाराय नमः।
Om Shishumaraya Namah।
57) ॐ श्रीकराय नमः।
Om Shrikaraya Namah। = One Who Gives Sri
58) ॐ कपिलाय नमः।
Om Kapilaya Namah। = The Great Sage Kapila
59) ॐ ध्रुवाय नमः।
Om Dhruvaya Namah। = The Changeless in the Midst of Changes
60) ॐ दत्तत्रेयाय नमः।
Om Dattatreyaya Namah। = Grand Teacher (Guru) in the Universe || 60 ||

61) ॐ अच्युताय नमः।
Om Achyutaya Namah। = Infallible Lord
62) ॐ अनन्ताय नमः।
Om Anantaya Namah। = The Endless Lord
63) ॐ मुकुन्दाय नमः।
Om Mukundaya Namah। = The Giver of Liberation
64) ॐ दधिवामनाय नमः।
Om Dadhivamanaya Namah।
65) ॐ धन्वन्तरये नमः।
Om Dhanvantaraye Namah। = A Partial Incarnation of Lord Vishnu Appeared After Churning of Ocean
66) ॐ श्रीनिवासाय नमः।
Om Shrinivasaya Namah। = The Permanent Abode of Shree
67) ॐ प्रद्युम्नाय नमः।
Om Pradyumnaya Namah। = Very Rich
68) ॐ पुरुषोत्तमाय नमः।
Om Purushottamaya Namah। = The Supreme Soul
69) ॐ श्रीवत्सकौस्तुभधराय नमः।
Om Shrivatsakaustubhadharaya Namah।
70) ॐ मुरारातये नमः।
Om Murarataye Namah। || 70 ||

71) ॐ अधोक्षजाय नमः।
Om Adhokshajaya Namah। = One Whose Vitality Never Flows Downwards
72) ॐ ऋषभाय नमः।
Om Rishabhaya Namah। = The Incarnation of Lord Vishnu When He Appeared as the Son of King Nabhi
73) ॐ मोहिनीरूपधारिणे नमः।
Om Mohinirupadharine Namah।
74) ॐ सङ्कर्षणाय नमः।
Om Sankarshanaya Namah।
75) ॐ पृथवे नमः।
Om Prithave Namah।
76) ॐ क्षीराब्धिशायिने नमः।
Om Kshirabdhishayine Namah।
77) ॐ भूतात्मने नमः।
Om Bhutatmane Namah। = A Name of Lord Vishnu
78) ॐ अनिरुद्धाय नमः।
Om Aniruddhaya Namah। = One Who Cannot Be Obstructed
79) ॐ भक्तवत्सलाय नमः।
Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah। = One Who Loves His Devotees
80) ॐ नराय नमः।
Om Naraya Namah। = The Guide || 80 ||

81) ॐ गजेन्द्रवरदाय नमः।
Om Gajendravaradaya Namah। = Lord Vishnu Gave a Benediction to Gajendra (Elephant)
82) ॐ त्रिधाम्ने नमः।
Om Tridhamne Namah।
83) ॐ भूतभावनाय नमः।
Om Bhutabhavanaya Namah।
84) ॐ श्वेतद्वीपसुवास्तव्याय नमः।
Om Shwetadwipasuvastavyaya Namah।
85) ॐ सनकादिमुनिध्येयाय नमः।
Om Sankadimunidhyeyaya Namah।
86) ॐ भगवते नमः।
Om Bhagavate Namah। = Pertaining to Lord (Bhagavan)
87) ॐ शङ्करप्रियाय नमः।
Om Shankarapriyaya Namah।
88) ॐ नीलकान्ताय नमः।
Om Nilakantaya Namah।
89) ॐ धराकान्ताय नमः।
Om Dharakantaya Namah।
90) ॐ वेदात्मने नमः।
Om Vedatmane Namah। = Spirit of the Vedas rests in Lord Vishnu || 90 ||

91) ॐ बादरायणाय नमः।
Om Badarayanaya Namah।
92) ॐ भागीरथीजन्मभूमि पादपद्माय नमः।
Om Bhagirathijanmabhumi Padapadmaya Namah।
93) ॐ सतां प्रभवे नमः।
Om Satam Prabhave Namah।
94) ॐ स्वभुवे नमः।
Om Swabhuve Namah।
95) ॐ विभवे नमः।
Om Vibhave Namah। = Glory & Richness
96) ॐ घनश्यामाय नमः।
Om Ghanashyamaya Namah। = Lord Krishna
97) ॐ जगत्कारणाय नमः।
Om Jagatkaranaya Namah।
98) ॐ अव्ययाय नमः।
Om Avyayaya Namah। = Without Destruction
99) ॐ बुद्धावताराय नमः।
Om Buddhavataraya Namah। = An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
100) ॐ शान्तात्मने नमः।
Om Shantatmane Namah। || 100 ||

101) ॐ लीलामानुषविग्रहाय नमः।
Om Lilamanushavigrahaya Namah।
102) ॐ दामोदराय नमः।
Om Damodaraya Namah। = Whose Stomach is Marked With Three Lines
103) ॐ विराड्रूपाय नमः।
Om Viradrupaya Namah।
104) ॐ भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभवे नमः।
Om Bhutabhavyabhavatprabhave Namah।
105) ॐ आदिदेवाय नमः।
Om Adidevaya Namah। = The Lord of the Lords
106) ॐ देवदेवाय नमः।
Om Devadevaya Namah। = The God of the Gods
107) ॐ प्रह्लादपरिपालकाय नमः।
Om Prahladaparipalakaya Namah।
108) ॐ श्रीमहाविष्णवे नमः।
Om Shrimahavishnave Namah। = Name of Lord Vishnu || 108 ||

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