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Talakona to Kukkaladoddi/ Balapalli/ Mamandur Trekking Route

Talakona to Kukkaladoddi/ Balapalli/ Mamandur:

  • The other event way starts at the famous waterfalls of Talakona.
  • Culture & Heritage expedition in Sri Venkateswara protected forest and Seshachalam hills biosphere; home to the precious Red Sandal in eastern ghats extending in the districts of Chittoor and Kadapa. Yuddhagala Theertham is the best amongst these 108 Thirthas. Tiresome but energizing and adventurous. A place to experience nature, spirituality and the divine.
  • Starts at Talakona which is 65 KM away from Tirupati and ends at Kukkaladoddi on Tirupathi Kadapa highway. If lucky, be able to see Elephants, leopards, bears, wild dogs, wild boar, sambar, deer and endangered slender Lories, golden gecko.

Talakona to Kukkaladoddi/ Balapalli/ Mamandur Trekking Schedule:

  • Day 1: Reaching Talakona.
  • Day 2: Talakona to Yuddhagala Theertham.
  • Day 3: Yuddhagala Theertham to Kangu Madugu.
  • Day 4: Kangumadugu to Arimanu Bandalu.
  • Day 5: Arimanu Bandalu to Kukkala Doddi can leave.

Areas Covered:

  1. CBET accommodation – Talakona Sri Siddeswara Swamy temple.
  2. Gilla teega creaper spreads a distance of 3 km.
  3. Ruins of British bunglows.
  4. Exgravings of 7000 years old human (Vuli chekkudu chitralu).
  5. Poetess Mathrusri Tharigonda Vengamamba Penanced place.
  6. Eucalyptus tree (Nilagiri vruksham) planted in 1920 by british.
  7. Yuddagala theertham called as Mogili Penta.
  8. Kangu madugu/ Kangumanu madugu: On the way from Papavinasanam to Kukkaladoddi.
  9. Forest watch tower/ view point.
  10. Arimanu Bandalu (open land like Switzerland).
  11. Kukkaladoddi/ Balapalli/ Mamandur.

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