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Tirumala Pulibonu Bavi

Pulibonu Bavi is also known as Pulibonu in SV National park and Chamala valley belt. Base camp to view and protect. One of the most strategic locations. Water availability at the Kalyani reservoir makes elephants and panthers felt, lures the woodcutters, poachers cook wild meat and relax. Surroundings are Karivepaku Kona, Thollagutta and Tenkayanettu are rich with red sanders and are the cause of the worst
ravage of smuggling activity.

Woodcutter smugglers enter the forest from behind Panapakam railway station, Mungilipattu, Ithepalle villages. Risky to stay at night for Police and forest personnel. A ruined watch tower to watch animals/ smugglers/ woodcutters. Elephants, panthers, bears and boars. Elephants can easily bring down the watch tower, and absolutely there is no protection for the guards. It is the regular observation of the Task Force dusk and forest officials.

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