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Tirumala Muderlakurava Slope

The 150-year-old British-era forest track between Railway Kodur and Tirumala hills saw its glory during 1870-1940. Used to command an area of over 75,000 hectares, connecting almost all vital forest routes in the Seshachalam hills, covering Pulibonu, Talakona, Chamla
valley, and Rajampeta of Kadapa division. After Independence, the road became unused. In the late 1980s, the track was closed here.

Reopened but for security reasons limiting access only to forest officials. Tirumala to Pullampeta foothills village in Kadapa district over 50 km distance. Forest base camps maintained connectivity to various difficult spots such as Pulagurapenta, Vageti Kona, Kangi Madugu (Kadapa forest, famous for high-grade red sanders trees), Moghilipentajunction point and Annadammula Banda is made more clear.

A favorite haunt of wild elephants and panthers. Observed 26 wild elephants moving in this belt.Tirumala Muderlakurava Slope

Tirumala Muderlakurava Slope

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