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Mamanduru / Kukkaladoddi / Balupalli / Papavinasanam Tirumala Trekking Route

  • This Trekking route is called Annamayya marg.
  •  This Up and Down route will take 6 hours to travel.
  • People from adjoining villages opt for this route to reach Tirumala!
  • TTD forest allows the public only on particular days ie pournami / Theertham celebration days. Those days TTD officially provides security and food to the devotees.
  • To plan on other days, forest & police departments permission & guide are required.
  • Trekkers have reported seeing pugmarks of leopards.
  • Permission from Kumaradhara dam/ Papavinasanam forest/ Mamandur area/ Venkateswara National Park officials depending on where the trek starts. Can carry utensils and groceries, tents for eat & stay.Mamanduru Papavinasanam Tirumala Trekking

Towards Papavinasanam from Mamandur/ Kukkaladoddi/ Balupalli – Route:

Day 1: Reaching Kukkadoddi village, 25km from Tirupati on the Kadapa-Chennai NH. Covering YerraReddy Madugu (5km from base camp).

  • First night halt at Balapalle British Bungalow/ forest guest house
  • The jungle safari route & forest Watch tower are the attractions.

Day 2: Trek begins to cover Pyramid hill (shape) and Pandi Gunta (pit made by a wild boar), Bandi Irusulu ((axle of ox cart): 10,000 years old ancient pre-historic rock cave paint carvings, 1km to Sanyasolla Gavi. Chakirevu waterfall/ Chakalibana Theertham (6km), Deva Theertham, Sanyasolla Gavi, reaching Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba (Vishnu devotee & poet did penance) caves – Tumburu Theertham (8Kms). 1km further from Bandi Irusulu (paintings, weapons/ tools sharpening marks of ancient man) has Sanyasivani Gavi (ascetic cave room to protect from the wild), where ancient men dwelt in the prehistoric age. Can find pug mark of leopards, marks of sharpened arrows made by ancient people. Pass Pagadimanu Gundam. Pingamanu madugu, Malayappa konda.

Day 3: 5 km from Tumburu/Sesha Theertham towards Tirumala is Ramakrishna Theertham (8Kms) and Sanakasa Nanda Theertham. 2km from Sanakasananda stream is the junction point of Ramakrishna and Tumburu Teerthams.

Day 4: Tantrika Loya, Culminate at Papavinasanam (6km), Tirumala.

Trekking Areas Covered:

  • Karivepaku kona towards north.
  • Water Tank.
  • Pala Sathram.
  • Eethakayala mandapam on the Karveti Mandapam road. The accused were digging for hidden wealth under an ancient structure. Whether the onset of summer heat has caused this fire or the handiwork of sandalwood smugglers is yet to be ascertained. smugglers might have resorted to this with an intention to divert the attention of the forest officials. With fire engulfing the forests there are chances of the wild animals coming into the human habitats to save themselves from the heat and fire – Media news.
  • Next towards the west is Tirumala Gogarbham dam.
  • Pulletla/ Pullatla
  • Kakulathippe/ Kakula Konda/Kona – Wind power projects located. near the TTD’s sandalwood plantations at Tirumala, 6km from the main temple.
Mamanduru / Kukkaladoddi / Balupalli / Papavinasanam Tirumala Trekking Route

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