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The Blameless God | Supreme the Almighty

The Supreme is the Almighty. This means svatantra shakti, the ability to do anything – unbound might. Our Lord is fondly called bholenath – the Innocent (straight forward) Lord and in various other languages in words meaning the same. These two aspects are very interesting to analyze with this Peerless Lord shiva and this is a very unique Glory of It.

While reading through the various puranas, it could be observed that this Lord shiva always upholds some discipline. Even when It has the might and even when others plead because of thiothers plead because of this might to do a favor for them, this righteousness is found in the blessings It shower to them. An ample evidence for this fact is the burning of the three forts (tripuras). The three daemon kings who got immense power out of their austerities built forts of gold, silver and iron and whirled around the worlds disturbing the activities of the divines. The divines realizing it is possible only the Supreme God to destroy such mighty daemons, went to Lord shiva and pleaded to destroy them as He only had that power. But the Lord turned down the request indicating though He has the might, the daemons did not harm the devotees and people, worshipped the God and so it would be unjust to destroy them. Later the daemons derailed from this path of righteousness and started harming the devotees and others, falling down in the plot of the divines. This time again the divines went and pleaded to the God that the disturbing daemons also derailed from dharma. At this point the Lord Who made the righteousness and Who sustains that in the world destroyed the three daemon forts by His splendid smile. And adding to all our hailings, the Lord blessed the three daemons in the those forts who in spite of the divines plot, sticked to the worship of the Lord and righteous path to be His close attendants, the grace that is unthinkable even for the divines !!

The God would not be biased. It would not differentiate between one group versus the other, whether it be divines or daemons or humans or plats or creatures or on sex or on race etc. All that matters is dharma and the pure devotion towards It. No doubt this lovely Lord shiva is worshipped alike by divines, daemons, scholars, not much learnt simple, and the other creatures. This Lord is hailed as pashupati, the Lord of lives. Undoubtedly this Lord showers Its Grace on all the creatures.

The Lord has the bull flag, this refers to dharma (justice). Why is it that the dharma has been given so much of importance? We saw that the Supreme is the Almighty. When It is having limitless power how could we take the proposition that treading the right path would result in the right result? After all the God is having the limitless power. So we might fall into the conclusion that irrespective of what we do the God is going to give the results in whatever way It feels like, and this would be a disaster ! By raising the bull flag the God shiva indicates the justice that would motivate the lives to be stand by the dharma. The Great Lord provides the justice that He created at the same time retaining the unlimited might like the one who treads a path keeping the liberty to move anywhere.

thirunyana sambandhar sings this glory of Lord Siva

Whether the Lord wear the moon or burns the three puras, wherever seen our Lord is all Glorious and free from taint and blame.
Lord shiva, the Perfection is the dependable refuge for the creatures as It is the Almighty and the Just

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