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Tirumala 2019 Goddess Padmavathi Thayar Parinayothsavam Celebrations Dates

Parinayothsavam of Goddess Padmavathi Devi at Thirumala will be held from May 12 to 14 every year.

According to the myth, during the start of Kaliyuga, Lord Vishnu came to the bhuloka (Earth) as Srinivasa and reached the ashram of Vakula Devi, got married to the daughter of Akasa Raja.

Sri Venkatachala Mahatamyam revered that the Kalyanam (Marriage) of Lord Venkateshwara and Sri Padhmavathy is held in the night of the Vaisakha Suddha Dhasami Friday Purva Falguni Nakshathra day at Narayanavaaram (Narayanavanam).

The Parinayothsavam celebrations is being celebrated for three days starting on every Vaisaka Suddha Navami day, Dhasami (Marriage held) and Ekadasi thithi (lunar day) since 1992, to mark Padayavathi Srinivasa Kalyana Mahothsav.

Malayappaswamy is brought on a procession on Gajavahana (Elephant Chariot) on the first day (Navami), Ashwa Vahanam (Horse Chariot) following Garuda Vahana (Garuda Chariot) on the third day.

On the first day after Gaja Vahana Procession, the Lord is brought on the Ubhayanaancharula Special Vahanam (Chariot) to the decorated Parinayothsava Mandap. In the bridal charm of the wedding, the newlywed couple, Srinivasa and Sri PadmavathI, the festivals, changing garlands, presenting new garment are held. Next to that Koluvu will be held.

In this column, Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Vedas, Myths, Music, Poems, Dances are reported at the Koluvu (court). Then the devotees are given garment gift and a gift of graces of the Lord Malayappa sametha Sree Devi and Bhu Devi.

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