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Tirupati Brahmotsavam News Updates, Dates, Vahanam Details, Timings, faq

Brahmotsavam, the Hindu Festival is a auspicious festival celebrated annually at the Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. According to legends, the origin of this festival is associated with Lord Brahma. It is believed that once Lord Brahma worshiped Sri Balaji in the basin of the sacred Pushkarini River to thank the Lord for the fortification of mankind. The festival takes its name from Lord Brahma, since it was Lord Brahma who led the festival for the first time on the tirumala hills.

“Brahmotsava”, which literally means “Utsavam of Brahma”. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm during the month of September – October for 9 days.

The Brahmostsava celebration takes place over a period of nine days. The ritual “Anurarpana” is performed on the first day of the festival with the celebration of Sri Vishvaksena. The ritual “Anurarpana” means fertility, abundance and prosperity. During the nine days of the festival, various religious activities, such as the Homas and the daily processions, brought various idols of the god to the various chariots (vahanas) present in the temple.

This year there will be only 1 Brahmotsavam viz, Salakatla Annual Brahmotsavam & Navrathri Brahmotsavam will be held together in Tirumala Tirupati as there is no Adhika Maasa. Annual Nine day Salakatla Brahmotsavam & Navrathri Brahmotsavam will start from 30th September 2019 and ends on 8 October 2019. Check Full Schedule given below.

Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam is conducted on 24th September and Ankurarpanam on 29th September.

Other Important Days:

Dwajarohanam: 5:23 PM to 6.00 PM in Meena Lagnam on 30th September.
Garuda Seva: 7.00 PM till 12.00 midnight on 4th October.
Swarna Ratham: 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM on 5th October
Rathotsavam: 7.00 AM on 7th October.
Chakrasnanam: on 8th October.

2019 Tirupati Brahmotsavam Dates:

30th September 2019 to 8th October 2019

2019 Tirumala Brahmotsavam Full Schedule:

29 September 2019 – Sunday – Ankurarpana, Vishvaksena Aradhana

30 September 2019 – Monday:

Dwajarohana (Flag Hoisting) – Normally held at around 5.00 PM in the Evening
Night 9.00 PM – Pedda Sesha Vahanam

1 October 2019 – Tuesday:

Morning 9.00 AM – Chinna Sesha Vahanam
Night 9.00 PM – Hamsa Vahanam

2 October 2019 – Wednesday:

Morning 9.00 AM – Simha Vahanam
Night 9.00 PM – Muthyala Pallaki Vahanam

3 October 2019 – Thursday:

Morning 9.00 AM – Kalpa Vruksha Vahanam
Evening 9.00 PM – Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam

4 October 2019 – Friday:

Morning 9.00 AM – Mohini Avatharam
Night from around 7.30 PM to 12.00 Noon – Garuda Vahanam

5 October 2019 – Saturday:

Morning 9.00 AM – Hanumantha Vahanam
Evening at around 5.00 PM – Swarna Rathotsavam (Golden Chariot)
Night 9.00 PM – Gaja Vahanam

6 October 2019 – Sunday:

Morning 9.00 AM – Surya Prabha Vahana
Night 9.00 PM – Chandra Praba Vahana

7 October 2019 – Monday:

Morning at around 6.00 AM – Rathostavam (Chariot, Car Festival)
Evening 9.00 PM – Ashwa Vahanam

8 October 2019 – Tuesday:

Morning at around 6.00 AM – Chakra Snanam
Evening – Dwajaavarohanam (Brahmotsavam Ends)

All nine days Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams Salakatla Annual Brahmotsavam & Navrathri Brahmotsavam will be live telecasted in Sri Venkateswara Bhakthi Channel (SVBC). TTD SVBC TV Live Streaming website link

Tirupati Brahmotsavam FAQ:

What is Tirupati Brahmotsavam Dates?
28th September to 8th October

Are there any advance bookings for Brahmotsavam?
To see all Vahana Sevas, no fee is required. Devotees can sit and watch from the gallery.

What will be the waiting time for Darshan in Brahmotsavam’s time?
Darshan will be fast during the Vahanam times. The crowd will be large and Sarva Darshan will be around 10 to 12 hours.

Is the elderly citizen Darshan available on Brahmotsavam days?
Not available because of the large number of people.

Is Infant Darshan Darshan Available on Brahmotsavam Days?
Not available. All privileged Darshans and Arjitha Sevas will be canceled.

What is the Garuda seva Date in Tirupati?
4th October from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM


1) Arjita Sevas, VIP Seva, Senior Citizen Darshan, physically challenged and Infant Darshan will be cancelled from 28th September to 10th October.

2) All donor privileges remain suspended during this period. In view of Garuda Seva on 4th October, Cottages will not even be allotted to self-donors from 2nd to 4th October.

3) About 37 LED screens have been installed, including 21 in Four Mada streets, 13 outside the temple and 3 in Tirupati.

4) This year, an additional parking area will be created on Outer Ring Road and in the SPT area to accommodate approximately 8,500 vehicles.

5) The APSRTC had planed to operate 2200 Up and Down trips daily during the Brahmotsavams. 1.5 lakh devotees to be transported on Garuda Seva day, they will ply 3000 round trips and transport nearly 2 lakh devotees.

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