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2017 Tirumala Brahmotsavams Gaja Vahanam Seva

28 September 2017 Tirumala Brahmotsavams:

On the 6th day of Brahmotsavams Lord Malayappa Swamy took the heavenly ride on the mighty Gaja Vahanam on Thursday Evening.

Gaja-king Elephant is a symbol of his pride, his kingship, his pride and his intelligence. According to Puranas, Gaja is a symbol of wealth and is a brother of the goddess Lakshmi, who is also the goddess of prosperity. There has been a tradition that continues today, where Maharajas, the temples show their wealth with the procession of elephants.

Walking quietly in Gaja Vahanam, the Lord shows his royalty and majesty.

TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, JEOs Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju, Sri Pola Bhaskar, CVSO Sri Ake Ravikrishna, DyEO Temple Sri Rama Rao and others participated.

2017 Gaja Vahanam Seva

Gaja Vahanam Seva 2017

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