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Annamayya Keerthana – Kondalalo Nelakonna in Hindi With Meaning

Kondalalo Nelakonna Lyrics in Hindi:

कोण्डललो नेलकोन्न कोनेटि रायडु वाडु
कोण्डलन्त वरमुलु गुप्पेडु वाडु ॥

कुम्मर दासुडैन कुरुवरति नम्बि
इम्मन्न वरमुलेल्ल इच्चिनवाडु ।
दोम्मुलु सेसिन यट्टि तोण्डमान् चक्कुरवर्ति
रम्मन्न चोटिकि वच्चि नम्मिन वाडु ॥

अच्चपु वेडुकतोड ननन्ताल्वारुकि
मुच्चिलि वेट्टिकि मन्नि मोसिनवाडु ।
मच्चिक दोलक तिरुनम्बि तोडुत
निच्च निच्च माटलाडि नोच्चिनवाडु ॥

कञ्चिलोन नुण्डु दिरुकच्चिनम्बि मीद गरु-
णिञ्चि तन येडकु रप्पिञ्चिन वाडु ।
येञ्चि एक्कुडैन वेङ्कटेशुडु मनलकु
मञ्चिवाडै करुण बालिञ्चिन वाडु ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Kondalalo Nelakonna Meaning

He is “Konetiraya” (The king of lake that is by the side of Tirumala Temple), who resides on the mountains. He grants wishes limitlessly.

He is the One who granted whatever “Kuruvarati nambi”, the pot maker had asked for. He granted boons to the emperor Tondaman, the greatest devotee – whenever he sought His help.

With true pleasure, He carried the mud without any remuneration for Anantaluvar (Lord Venkateshwara comes in the guise of a small kid and helps Anantaluvar while digging a well – for watering the plants in the garden raised for the sacred service of the Lord, – by carrying the dug mud). He is the Beloved One to “Tirumalanambi” who always desired to chat with him.

He is the one who graced “Tirukatchinambi” though he was in “Kanchi” (a popular shrine in Madras) where Varadaraja (another form of Vishnu. Vishnu is the prime form of God who is involved in protecting the good and destroying the evil). Lord Venkateshwara always showers His mercy on us if we serve Him with ‘bhakti’.

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