Annamayya Keerthana Hanuman Stotras

Annamayya Keerthana – Mangaambudhi Hanumantaa in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Mangaambudhi Hanumantaa Lyrics in Hindi:

मङ्गाम्बुधि हनुमन्ता नी शरण ।
मङ्गविञ्चितिमि हनुमन्ता ॥

बालार्क बिम्बमु फलमनि प ट्टिन
आलरि चेतल हनुमन्ता ।
तूलनि ब्रह्मादुलचे वरमुलु
ओलि चेकोनिना हनुमन्ता ॥

जलधि दाट नी सत्वमु कपुलकु
अलरि तेलिपितिवि हनुमन्ता ।
इलयु नाकसमु नेकमुगा, नटु
बलिमि पेरिगितिवि भलि हनुमन्ता ॥

पातालमु लोपलि मैरावणु
आतल जम्पिन हनुमन्ता ।
चेतुलु मोड्चुक श्री वेङ्कटपति
नी तल गोलिचे हित हनुमन्ता ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Mangambudhi Hanumantha Meaning:

Oh Hanumanta of Mangambudhi, we earnestly seek your shelter.

Oh Hanumanta, your deeds are pleasant. You dared to hold the rising Sun thinking it to be a fruit.You are specially blessed with a series of boons by Brahma and other gods.

You have shown your eminence to other monkeys the skill of crossing the ocean. O great Hanumanta, you amazed everyone, showing your limitless might.

You destroyed Myravana the resident of patala loka (nether world). O most benevolent Hanumanta, You worship Sri Venkatapati with folded hands

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