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Annamayya Keerthanalu – Alarulu Kuriyaga in Hindi With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Alarulu Kuriyaga Lyrics in Hindi:

अलरुलु गुरियग नाडेनदे ।
अलकल गुलुकुल नलमेलुमङ्ग ॥

अरविरि सोबगुल नतिवलु मेच्चग
अर तेर मरुगुन नाडे नदे ।
वरुसग पूर्वदु वालपु तिरुपुल
हरि गरगिम्पुचु नलमेलुमङ्ग ॥

मट्टपु मलपुल मट्टेलकेलपुल
तट्टेडि नडपुल दाटेनदे ।
पेट्टिन वज्रपु पेण्डेपु दलुकुलु
अट्टिट्टु चिम्मुचु नलमेलुमङ्ग ॥

चिन्दुल पाटल शिरिपोलयाटल
अन्देल म्रोतल नाडे नदे ।
कन्दुव तिरुवेङ्कटपति मेच्चग
अन्दपु तिरुपुल नलमेलुमङ्ग ॥

Annamayya Keerthana – Alarulu Kuriyaga Meaning

Alamelu Manga is dancing gracefully while flowers are showered on her.

Pretty girls praised her beauty and her dance. She danced behind semi-transparent curtain turning and stepping in rhythm. Hari enjoyed it.

Alamelu Manga’s gait is attractive with the sound of her toe rings and her gem-studded anklets were sparkling.

She is singing and dancing in rhythm. Her anklets were tinkling rhythmically. Lord Venkatapati enjoyed her movements.

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