Common Shlokas Used for Recitation Set 3 in English

Common Shlokas for Recitation Set 3:

॥ subhasitam॥

manojavam marutatulyavegam
jitendriyam buddhimatam varistham ।
vatatmajam vanarayuthamukhyam
sriramadutam sirasa namami ॥ var saranam prapadye
I prostrate to the lord Hanuman the son of wind God,
who is swift like the mind and wind, mastered the senses, intellect,
foremost among the vAnarAs or monkeys and the devotee of Lord Rama.

sraddhava~llabhate jnanam tatparah samyatendriyah ।
jnanam labdhva param santimacirenadhigacchati ॥

He who has mastered his senses, is exclusively devoted to his
practice and is full of faith, attains Knowledge; having had the
revelation of Truth, he immediately attains supreme peace (in the
form of God-Realization)

satyam bruyatpriyam bruyanna bruyat satyamapriyam ।
priyam ca nanrtam bruyadesa dharmassanatanah ॥

Speak the truth and speak to please; speak not the truth to
displease; speak not untruth to please; this is eternal virtue.

suklambaradharam visnum sasivarnam caturbhujam ।
prasannavadanam dhyayet sarva vighnopasantaye ॥

I meditate on the glorious lord (Vinayaka) clad in sparkling white
robes, omnipresent, bright white in hue, endowed with four arms
and a benign smiling face to ward off all kinds of impediments.

dhumenavryate vahniryathadarso malena ca ।
yatholbenavrto garbhastatha tenedamavrtam ॥

As a flame is covered by smoke, mirror by dirt and embryo by the
amnion, so is knowledge covered by desire.

utsahah sahasam dhairyam buddhih saktih parakramah ।
sadete yatra tisthanti tatra devo’pi tisthati ॥

Perseverance, daring, courage, wisdom, strength and valor.
Where these six are, there is god.

adityaya ca somaya mangalaya budhaya ca ।
guru sukra sanibhyasca rahave ketave namah ॥

Salutations to the great Lords (Navagrahas or the nine planets).
The nine planets, which are worshipped by the mankind are Aditya
(Sun), Soma (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter),
Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu.

karmanyevadhikaraste ma phalesu kadacana ।
ma karmaphala heturbhurma te sangostvakarmani ॥

Your right is to work only, but never to the fruit thereof.
Be not instrumental in making your actions bear fruit, nor
let your attachment be to inaction.

pustakesu ca ya vidya parahaste ca yaddhanam ।
samaye tu pariprapte na sa vidya na taddhanam ॥

Knowledge which is in the form of a book is not knowledge.
Money in the hands of another is not money. The reason is both
the knowledge in the book and the money with somebody else are of
no use in time of your need.

vasudevasutam devam kamsacanuramardanam ।
devakiparamanandam krsnam vande jagadgurum ॥

I salute the great Lord Krishna, the preceptor of the worlds,
the beloved son of Devaki and Vasudeva and the suppressor of
Kamsa and ChAnoora.

krsito nasti durbhiksam japato nasti patakam ।
maunena kalaho nasti nasti jagarato bhayam ॥

Cultivation eliminates famine. Sins by reciting the name of God.
Quarrels are eliminated by maintaining silence and fear by taking
proper precautionary measures.

prastavasadrsam vakyam svabhavasadrsim kriyam ।
atmasaktisamam kopam yo janati sa panditah ॥

A person is said to be a Scholar, who Speaks accordingly, works
to the interest of others and knows one’s limitations in anger.

vedamulamidam jnanam bharyamulamidam grham ।
krsimulamidam dhanyam dhanamulamidam jagat ॥

Veda is the root of knowledge; wife is the root of family;
agriculture is the root of grain; wealth is the root of this world.

vrscikasya visam puccham maksikasya visam sirah ।
taksakasya visam damstra sarvangam durjane visam ॥

The poison of a scorpion is in it’s tail; the poison of a fly
is in it’s head; the poison of a snake is in it’s fangs; the
poison of a wicked person is in his whole body.

tyajedekam kulasyarthe gramasyarthe kulam tyajet ।
gramam janapadasyarthe atmarthe prthivim tyajet ॥

One should abandon a person who brings bad name to the family.
For the sake of a village, a family which brings bad name, can be
abandoned. A village, which causes disrespect to the country,
can be abandoned. One should abandon the place he is living,
if it brings troubles to oneself.

ankura karanamapi tusahinascettandulo na rohati hi ।
aticaturo’pi sahayadvina na karmani nirvahati loke ॥

The rice grains cannot sprout without the husk covering it.
Similarly, people capable of doing great things cannot perform
without the help of others.

sadhujanayopakrtih kalita bhati hi silalipi samana ।
jalavilikhita lipi tulya san racita sa visuska hrdayaya ॥

The help done to a noble person will be like writing on the rock.
But the help done to a heartless person will be like writing on the
surface of water.

visadapyamrtam grahyam baladapi subhasitam ।
amitradapi sadvrttamamedhyadapi kancanam ॥

Nectar should be taken even out of poison, a maxim should be
received even from a child, good nature should be acknowledged
even in an enemy and gold should be taken even out of filth.

sarvarirdipakascandrah prabhate dipako ravih ।
trailokyadipako dharmah suputrah kuladipakah ॥

The moon is the light of the night, the sun is the light of the day,
virtue is the light of the three worlds and a good son is the
light of the family.

svagrhe pujyate murkhah svagrame pujyate prabhuh ।
svadese pujyate raja vidvan sarvatra pujyate ॥

A fool is honored in his own house, a landlord is honored in his
own village, a king is honored in his own country and a scholar is
honored everywhere.

calaccittam calo vittam calajjivana yauvanam ।
calacalamidam sarvam kirtiryasya sajivati ॥

Mind is unstable. It loves to think of a variety of subjects at
a time. Wealth is transitory. It changes hands frequently.
Life is unstable. It goes through the aging process and fades
out finally. Youth is transitory. It ends with the age. However,
name and fame are stable. Only he who has acquired name lives for ever.

kokilanam svarorupam pativratyam tu yositam ।
vidya rupam virupanam ksama rupam tapasvinam ॥

The voice is the beauty of cuckoos, Character is the beauty of women,
Learning is the beauty of the deformed and patience is the beauty of ascetics.

datrtvam priyavaktrtvam dhiratvamucitajnata ।
abhyasena na labhyante catvarah sahajagunah ॥

Liberality, sweetness of speech, courage and judgement are the
four natural qualities, which can not be attained by practice.
They come naturally.

udyoginam purusasimhamupaiti laksmih
daivena deyamiti kapurusa vadanti ।
daivam nihatya kuru paurusamatmasaktya
yatnekrte yadi na sidhyati ko’tra dosah ॥

Fortune favors the persevering and stouthearted man. Most of
the dejected blame the destiny and say ‘Destiny must give us’.
Exercise all your powers regardless of destiny. If your hard
work fails there will be nothing to blame.

uttama manamicchanti dhanamanau hi madhyamah ।
adhama dhanamicchanti mano hi mahatam dhanam ॥

Men can be classified into three categories. Uttama or the best,
Madhyama or the mediocre and Adhama or the least. Best of the men
seek honor. Mediocre seek wealth and honor. Those in bottom seek
wealth. Honor is wealth to great men.

annadanatparam danam na bhutam na bhavisyati ।
annena dharyate sarvam jagadetaccaracaram ॥

Donating food is a great deed and there can be nothing equivalent to
this-neither in the past nor future. This whole world of animate and
inanimate depend on food

khalanam durjananam ca dvividhaiva pratikriya ।
upayanmukhabhango va durato va visarjanam ॥

There are two methods to handle wicked and evil. One is to
disgrace them by a strategy or to leave them at a distance.

yasya nasti svayam prajna sastram tasya karoti kim ।
locanabhyam vihinasya darpanah kim karisyati ॥

(this shloka poses two questions, for which answers are obvious
and the questions are as follows:)
What will the shAstra do for him who has no sense of his own?
What will a mirror do for him who has lost his eyes?

parokse karya hantaram pratyakse priyavadinam ।
varjayettadrsam mitram visakumbham payomukham ॥

A person, though a friend, who causes damage to the business from
behind but speaks sweet words on the face should be shunned. That
person is compared to a vessel of poison covered with milk on the

ramo rajamanih sada vijayate ramam ramesam bhaje
ramenabhihata nisacaracamuh ramaya tasmai namah ।
ramannasti parayanam parataram ramasya dasosmyaham
rame cittalayassada bhavatu me bho rama mamuddhara ॥

Lord Sri Rama, the jewel among kings, always emerges victorious.
I contemplate on Rama, the lord of RamA (LakShmi-Sita Devi).
Rama destroyed the mighty armies of the demons. I salute him
i.e. Lord Rama. There is no greater refuge than lord Rama.
Indeed I am a humble servant of Rama. Let my mind ever meditate
on Rama. O lord Rama! Kindly grant me salvation.

daive tirthe dvije mantre daivajne bhisaje gurau ।
yadrsi bhavana yasya siddhirbhavati tadrsi ॥

In God, in pilgrimage, in a Brahmin, in mantra, in an astrologer,
in a doctor (medicine) and in a Guru, as is the perception, so
is the fulfilment.

jadhyam dhiyo harati sincati vaci satyam
manonnatim disati papamapakaroti ।
cittah prasadayati diksu tanoti kirtim
satsangatih kathaya kim na karoti pumsam ॥

What does not good association do for men? It removes the dulness
of their intellects, it sprinkles truth in their speech, it brings
the highest honors for them, expels sin from them, it purifies
their minds and spreads their fame in all the directions.

naramrgapatih varsmalokanabhranta nari
naradanuja suparva vrata patalalokah ।
karaja kulisa pali bhinna daityendra vaksah
suraripu balahanta sridharostu sriye vah ॥

May Lord Vishnu (the bearer of LakShmi), the destroyer of the armies
of the demons, be the bestower of prosperity on us. The Lord,
at the sight of whose man-lion (Narasimha) form multitudes of men,
women, gods, demons and the denizens of the netherworld were
frightened, and who tore as under the chest of the king of
demons Hiranyakasipa with the thunder-bolt like sharp nails.

pankairvina saro bhati sadah khalajanairvina ।
katuvarnarvina kavyam manasam visayairvina ॥

A lake without mire (mud), a meeting without fools and wicked
persons, a kAvya (an epic) without harsh words and the mind
without wordly pleasures shine well in the world.

ambhasa bhidyate setuh tatha mantro’pyaraksitah ।
paisunyadbhidyate snehah vaca bhidyeta katarah ॥

A bridge or a barrage will be damaged by rapid flow of water.
A mantra (a mystic word) will be spoiled without practice.
The friendship will be lost with vicious nature or tale-bearing
nature and a
timid person will be conquered even by a word.

ya devi sarvabhutesu buddhirupena samsthita ।
namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namonamah ॥

I offer repeated salutations to that devi (Durga) who resides in
all the living beings in the form of the intellect.

akaraih ingitaih gatya cestaya bhasanena ca ।
netra vaktra vikaraisca laksyate’ntargatam manah ॥

The inherent nature of a person is revealed by his appearance,
gestures, behaviour, actions, the way he talks, by the contractions
of the face and by the movements of the eyes.

upadesohi murkhanam prakopaya na santaye ।
payah panam bhujamganam kevalam visavardhanam ॥

Milk consumed by snakes increases their poison. Similarly advice
given to fools make them even more furious instead of pacifying them.

vakratunda mahakaya suryakoti samaprabha ।
nirvighnam kuru me deva sarvakaryesu sarvada ॥

O Lord, the one with a looped trunk, a body of gigantic proportion
and as resplendent as the combined lusture of a crore suns, kindly
do make all my enterprises free from any obstacles always.

alasyam madamohau ca capalam gustireva ca
stabdhata cabhimanitvam tatha’tyagitvameva ca ।
ete vai sapta dosah syuh sada vidyarthinam matah ॥

Laziness, pride, ignorance, fickle mindedness, talking to each other
(gossiping), idleness, possessive altitude are the seven drawbacks
found in

bhrtyairvina svayam raja lokanugrahakaryapi ।
mayukhairiva diptamsuh tejasyapi na sobhate ॥

A king (leader), though he looks after the welfare of the people,
does not
shine without the help of his subordinates. Though the sun is
radiant, it does
not shine without its rays.

durjanah priyavadi ca naitadvisvasakaranam ।
madhu tisthati jihvagre hrdi halahalam visam ॥

A wicked person who speaks sweet is not trustworthy. On the tip of
his tongue
there is honey but dreadful poison in his heart.

buddhiryasya balam tasya nirbuddhestu kuto balam ।
pasya simho madonmattah sasakena nipatitah ॥

A person who has wisdom, has strength.
How can there be strength to a person who has no wisdom?
Even a story says that a strong lion was drowned by a hare.

samudramanthane lebhe harirlaksmim haro visam ।
bhagyam phalati sarvatra na vidya na ca paurusam ॥

At the churning of the ocean, Hari (Lord Vishnu)obtained LakShmi
and Hara
(Lord Shiva)obtained poison.
Hence fortune is fruitful everywhere, neither learning nor human

sarasvati mahabhage vidye kamalalocane ।
vidyarupe visalaksi vidyam dehi namostute ॥

O most auspicious Goddess of knowledge!
The one with beautiful and big eyes that resemble the lotus petals,
O bestower
of wisdom, mother Saraswathi, kindly bless me with knowledge.
I salute you.

yo na vetti gunan yasya na tam seveta panditah ।
na hi tasmatphalam kincitsukrstadusaradiva ॥

A scholar should not serve a person who does not recognise his
ploughing a barren land is futile.

svabhavo nopadesena sakyate kartumanyatha ।
sutaptamapi paniyam punargacchati sitatam ॥

It is not possible to change the nature of a person by a good
advice, though
water is boiled, it invariably cools down.

saguno nirguno vapi sahayo balavattarah ।
tusenapi paribhrastah tandulo nankurayate ॥

One may have talent or not, a companion is an additional strength.
Rice deprived of husk will not sprout.

ramaya ramabhadraya ramacandraya vedhase ।
raghunathaya nathaya sitayah pataye namah ॥

I salute the lord of Seeta Devi, known as RAma, RAmabhadra,
the one who is in the form of the creator, lord RaghunAtha.

daksine laksmano yasya vame ca janakatmaja ।
purato marutiryasya tam vande raghunandanam ॥

I salute the descendent of raghu i.e. Lord Rama, whose right and
left flanks
are adorned by sri LakShmana and Seeta devi respectively and Hanuman
sit in

pranam capi parityajya manamevabhi raksatu ।
anityo bhavati prano manamacandratarakam ॥

Even at the cost of one’s life one should preserve his honour, as
life is temporary and honour is ever lasting as the moon and stars.

parivartini samsare mrtah ko va na jayate ।
sah jatah yena jatena yati vamsah samunnatim ॥

In this ever changing world who is not born or dead?
He alone is born by whose birth the family attains eminence.

anjananandanam viram janaki sokanasanam ।
kapisamaksahantaram vande lanka bhayankaram ॥

I seek the refuge of the lord of monkies(Hanuman) who is the son
of mAta anjana, valorous, the destroyer of seetAdevi’s afflictions,
the slayer of demons and a terror to Lanka.

vidya nama narasya rupamadhikam pracchannaguptam dhanam
vidya bhogakari yasassukhakari vidya gurunam guruh ।
vidya bandhujano videsa gamane vidya para devata
vidya rajasu pujyate na hi dhanam vidyavihinah pasuh ॥

Knowledge enhances the beauty of a person.
It is a well-protected hidden treasure, which brings prosperity,
fame and happiness. Knowledge is the preceptor of preceptors.
Knowledge substitutes a friend in foreign travels.
It is the supreme god. Only knowledge but not wealth, is respected
by the rulers. A person devoid of knowledge is a beast.

santaptayasi samsthitasya payaso nama’pi na sruyate
mukta karataya tadeva nalinipatra sthitam drsyate ।
antah sagara sukti madhya patitam tanmauktikam jayate
prayenadhama madhyamottama jusam evamvidha vrttayah ॥

When a drop of water falls on heated iron, it disappears
immediately, whereas
if it happens to fall upon a lotus leaf, it appears like a pearl and
the same
thing turns into a pearl if it chances to drop into the mouth of an
during the swathi constellation.
Thus the company (bad, mediocre or good) in which a person moves and
determine his future.

ajnah sukhamaradhyah sukhataramaradhyate visesajnah ।
jnanalava durvidagdham brahma’pi naram na ranjayati ॥

To convince an ignorant person is easy. It is even easier to
convince a
learned person.
But even Lord Brahma cannot explain and convince a person who has
limited knowledge but thinks high of himself.

daurmantryannrpatih vinasyati yatih samgatsutah lalanat
vipro’nadhyayanatkulam kutanayacchilam khalopasanat ।
hrih madyadanaveksanadapi krsih snehah pravasa asrayat
maitri capranayatsamrddhiranayattyagatpramadaddhanam ॥

A king is ruined because of bad counsel; an ascetic- by
attachment(to worldly
pleasures); a son -by pampering; a brahmin- by not reciting the holy
scriptures; the family-by a wicked son; modesty- by wine; character-
by association with the wicked; agriculture- by not taking proper care;
affection- due to separation(on account of being apart from each
other); friendship- due to lack of affection; prosperity- due to unlawful
methods and wealth -due to indiscretion in charity and carelessness.

kare slaghyastyagah sirasi gurupada pranayita
mukhe satya vani vijayi bhujayoh viryamatulam ।
hrdi svaccha vrtti srutamadhigatam ca sravanayoh ।
vina’pyaisvaryena prakrti mahatam mandanamidam ॥

Ornaments of great people are entirely different. They are all
Praise-worthy charity- for the hand; submission at the feet of the
elders- for
the head; truthful speech- for the mouth; matchless ever victorious
for the arms; purity of thought- for the heart and acquired
knowledge of the
holy scriptures- for the ears. (These are the worthy ornaments of
the great by
nature despite the absence of worldly riches.)

divyam cuta phalam prapya na garvam yati kokilah ।
pitva kardama paniyam bheko baka bakayate ॥

The cuckoo has no pride in the possession of a delicious mango
where as a frog
will be croaking by a gulp of muddy water.

raja pasyati karnabhyam dhiya pasyanti panditah ।
pasuh pasyati gandhena bhute pasyanti barbarah ॥

The administrator perceives by his ears, the learned by their
intellect; an
animal perceives by scent and fools by the past.

manasyekam vacasyekam karmanyekam mahatmanam ।
manasyanyadvacasyanyatkarmanyanayadduratmanam ॥

At heart, in word, and in deed the good are one; in the wicked,
heart differs
from word and word from deed

trsnam chindhi bhaja ksamam jahi madam pape ratim ma krtah
satyam bruhyanuyahi sadhu padavim sevasva vidvajjanam ।
manyanmanaya vidviso’pyanunaya prakhyapaya prasrayam
kirtim palaya duhkhite kuru dayametatsatam cestitam ॥

Curbing the desire, practicing patience, giving up pride, not
interested in
committing a sin, speaking the truth, following the footsteps of the
serving the scholars, respecting the honourable, pleasing even
enemies, being
modest, protecting fame and kind towards the distressed.
These are the actions of the good.

nindantu nitinipunah yadi va stuvantu
laksmih samavisatu gacchatu va yathestam ।
adyaiva va maranamastu yugantare va
nyayatpathah pravicalanti padam na dhirah ॥

Brave people do not deviate from the right path whether they are
praised or insulted by the learned, whether goddess of wealth
comes or leaves according to her wish and whether death may
occur today itself or after a long time.

aisvarasya vibhusanam sujanata sauryasya vaksamyamah
jnanasyopasamah srutasya vinayo vittasya patre vyayah ।
akrodhah tapasah ksama prabhavituh dharmasya nirvyajata
sarvesamapi sarvakaranamidam silam param bhusanam ॥

Nobility is the ornament of greatness, restraint over speech -of
courage, calmness -of knowledge, obedience- of learning, wise
spending -of wealth, control of one’s anger- of penance,
patience of efficiency, straight forwardness- of dharma.
Good conduct is the base for all the above qualities and is
the greatest ornament of all.

paropadese pandityam sarvesam sukaram nrnam ।
dharme sviyamanusthanam kasyacittu mahatmanah ॥

Expertise in giving advise to others is easy to all men but few
are the great men who themselves practice dharma.

yatra dharmo hyadharmena satyam yatranrtena ca ।
hanyate preksamanastu hatah tatra sabhasadah ॥

Where dharma is destroyed by adharma and truth by false, there the
courtiers who witness it become themselves deprived.

karotu nama nitijno vyavasayamitastatah ।
phalam punah tadevasya yadvidheh manasi sthitam ॥

Let a person who is an expert in ethical science certainly attempt
this and that, but the result shall be as fate wills it.

mrtpinda eko bahubhanda rupah suvarnamekam bahu bhusanani ।
goksiramekam bahu dhenu jatam ekah paratma bahu dehavartih ॥

One lump of clay is moulded into vessels of many forms, gold is
one made into ornaments of many shapes, the milk is one though
yielded by many cows. Similarly the supreme soul is one
though resides in many bodies.

rajavatpanca varsani dasa varsani dasavat ।
prapte tu sodase varse putram mitravadacaret ॥

A son should be treated, as a prince- for five years, as a slave-
for ten
years and from sixteenth year as a friend.

janita ca upaneta ca yena vidyopadisyati ।
annadata bhayatrata pancavete pitarah smrtah ॥

He who brought you forth, he who performed sacred thread ceremony,
he who imparted knowledge, the giver of food and he who saved you
from danger – these five are to be remembered as fathers.

data daridrah krpano dhanadhyah papi cirayuh sukrtih gatayuh ।
raja kulinah sukuli ca bhrtyuh kalau yugi sadgunamasrayanti ॥

In the kali yuga people will suffer these six changes: the liberal
man will be poor; the miser will be rich, the sinner will be
long-lived, the good man will be short lived, the king will be
of low birth and he will be served by a man of high birth.

nasti gramah kutah sima nasti vidya kuto yasah ।
nasti jnanam kuto muktirbhaktirnasti kutastu dhih ॥

If there is no village how can there be a boundary? If there is no
learning how can there be fame? If there is no wisdom how can
there be salvation? And if there is no devotion how can
there be under-standing?

atidanaddhatah karnah atilobhatsuyodhanah ।
atikamaddasagriva ati sarvatra varjayet ॥

Karna was ruined by excessive liberality, Suyodhana by excessive
greed, Dashagriva by excessive lust – So excess is to be
avoided in all the things.

dharmam ca cintayetprajnah svaharam naiva cintayet ।
aharo’pi manusyanam janmana sah jayati ॥

The wise should think of virtue and not of the food. The food is
also created
with the birth of men.

durjanah parihartavyo vidyayalamkrto’pi san ।
manina bhusitah sarpah kimasau na bhayamkarah ॥

Though he be adorned with learning, a bad man is to be avoided.
Is a snake adorned with a gem not to be feared?

narayanam nirakaram naraviram narottamam ।
nrsimham naganatham ca tam vande narakantakam ॥

I salute to the great Lord Narayana who is nirAkAra, valorous,
super-human, nrisimha, who supressed the dreadful snake
kAliya and killed narakAsura.

na ca vidya samo bandhurna ca vyadhi samau ripuh ।
na capatya samah sneho na ca daivatparam balam ॥

There is no relative equal to learning, no enemy is equal to
disease, no affection is equal to that for a child and
there is no power greater than that of god.

rupayauvanasampanna visuddhakulasambhavah ।
vidyahina na sobhante nirgandha iva kimsukah ॥

Even though one may be beautiful or handsome, young and may be
from a good family, the unlearned cannot shine, like
the kimshukA flowers, which are beautiful but no fragrance.

santakaram bhujagasayanam padmanabham suresam
visvadharam gaganasadrsam meghavarnam subhamgam ।
laksmikantam kamalanayanam yogibhirdhyanagamyam
vande visnum bhavabhayaharam sarvalokaikanatham ॥

I salute the great lord vishnu – whose appearance is serene, rests
on the snake Adishesha, possesses lotus in the navel, lord of
gods, sustains the universe, infinite as the space, bluish in
appearance, handsome, lord of goddess LakShmi, possesses lotus
like eyes, attainable to the great sages through eternal
knowledge, eliminates the fear of worldly attachments and
the lord of all the worlds.

sarpah krurah khalah krurah sarpatkruratarah khalah ।
mantrausadhavasah sarpah khalah kena nivaryate ॥

The serpent is cruel, a wicked man is cruel. But a wicked man is
cruel more than a serpent. A serpent can be controlled by
spells and medicines but by what can a wicked man be controlled?

vasanta yauvana vrksah purusa dhana yauvanah ।
saubhagya yauvana naryo yuvano buddhi yauvanah ॥

The spring is the youth of trees, wealth is the youth of men,
beauty is the youth of women and intelligence is
the youth of the young.

matrvatparadaram ca paradravyani lostavat ।
atmavatsarva bhutani yah pasyati sa panditah ॥

He, who looks upon other men’s wives as his mothers, other men’s
money as clods of earth and considers all creatures as
himself, is said to be a scholar.

manirlutati padena kaca sirasi dharyate ।
yathaivastu tathaivastu kacah kaco manirmanihi ॥

A gem is trodden under foot and a glass is worn on the head. Even
in that state a glass is glass and a gem is a gem.

drstiputam nyasetpadam vastraputam jalam pibet ।
satyaputam vadedvacam manah putam samacaret ॥

The foot should be placed on a spot seen to be clean, water should
be drunk after having been strained through a cloth, a word
should be spoken with truth and a work should be done with consideration.

na vidya karanam pumsam bhagyameva hi karanam ।
pasanasya kuto vidya devatvamupatisthati ॥

The learning of men is not a cause of greatness but the luck. What
learning has a stone? But it obtains divinity.

nicasrayo na kartavyah kartavyo mahadasrayah ।
isasrayo mahanagah papraccha garudam sukham ॥

The protection of the mean should not be sought but the protection
of the great should be obtained – the great serpent protected
by Lord shiva enquired about Garuda’s health.

gunini gunajno ramate naguna silasya paritosah ।
alireti vanatkamalam na dardurastveka vaso’pi ॥

A man of good qualities is pleased with another good man, but not
pleased by the bad man. The bee goes from the forest to the
lotus, but not so the frog, though it lives with lotus (in the same pond.)

atanena maharanye supanthah jayate sanaih ।
vedabhyasattatha jnanam sanaih parvatalanghanam ॥

The right path will gradually be found in a forest by wandering in it.
Similarly wisdom too will be gradually acquired by study of the holy
scriptures, as a mountain is slowly crossed.

gunadosau budhau grhnanninduksvelavivesvarah ।
sirasa slaghyate purvam param kanthe niyacchati ॥

A wise man deals with merits and demerits as Lord Shiva dealt with
the moon and the poison. He praises the former with his
head and keeps the latter in his throat.

sa bandhuryo hitesu syat sa pita yastu posakah ।
sa sakha yatra visvasah sa bharya yatra nirvrttih ॥

Who befriends, he is a relative; who supports, he is a father; he
is a friend, in whom there is confidence and she is wife,
in whom there is pleasure.

paropadesasamaye sarva eva hi panditah ।
svanusthanasya samaye munayo’pi na panditah ॥

In teaching others, all are wise; but in their own actions even
munis are not wise.

gunirgunam vetti na vetti nirgunah balirbalam vetti na vetti nirbalah ।
piko vasantasya gunam na vayasah kari ca simhasya balam na musikah ॥

The virtuous man appreciates virtue but not the bad man and the
strong man appreciates the strength but not the weak. The
cuckoo feels the influence of the spring but not the crow
and the elephant values the strength of the lion but not the mouse.

ksanam vittam ksanam cittam ksanam jivitamavayoh ।
yamasya karuna nasti dharmasya tvarita gatih ॥

Wealth is unstable, mind is unstable, our life too is not
permanent. As Yama has no pity one should do good works quickly.

vipranam jnanato jaisthyam ksatriyanam tu viryatah ।
vaisyanam dhanya dhanatah sudranameva janmatah ॥

Among brahmins, seniority is considered by knowledge, among
kShatriyas – by valour, among vaishyAs – by grain and
money and among sudras – by birth.

sasi divakarayoh grahapidanam gaja bhujangamayorapi bandhanam ।
matimatam ca vilokya daridratam vidhiraho balavaniti me matih ॥

The seizure of the sun and the moon by grahas, the capture of
elephants and snakes and the poverty of the wise – indicates
that the fate is powerful.

vanijye vasati laksmih tadardham krsi karmani ।
tadardham rajasevayam bhiksayam naiva naiva ca ॥

Fortune as LakShmi dwells in trade, she is half in agriculture,
half in serving the government, and not at all in begging.

vipadi dhairyam tathabhyudaye ksama
sadasi vakpatuta yudhi vikramah ।
yasasi cabhiratirvyasanam srutau
prakrti siddhamidam hi mahatmanam ॥

Courage in trouble, forbearance in prosperity, eloquence in the
assembly, valour in battle, eagerness in gaining fame,
attention to the holy scriptures, all these are natural to great ones.

labdhavyamartham labhate manusyo devo’pi tam varayitum na saktah ।
ato na socami na vismayo me lalatalekha na punah prayati ॥

Man obtains wealth he is to obtain, even god is not able to
prevent it. Therefore I neither grieve nor surprised as
the writing on the forehead will never fail.

raja rastrakrtam papam rajapapam purohitah ।
bharta ca stri krtam papam sisyapapam gururvrajet ॥

The king must answer for his country’s sin, the priest for the
king’s sin, the
husband for his wife’s sin and the guru for the disciple’s sin.

girau kalapi gagane payodhau laksyantare’rkasca jalesu padmam ।
indurdvilakse kumudasya bandhuryoyasya hrdyo na hi tasya durah ॥

The peacock is in the mountain and the clouds in the sky, the sun
is at the distance of a thousand thousand yojanas and the
lotus is in the water, the moon is two hundred thousand
yojanas away from its friend, the lily. what is dear to
one.s heart is not far away.

sakyo varayitum jalena hutabhuk chatrena suryatapah
nagendro nisitankusena samado dantena gaurgardabhah ।
vyadhih bhesaja sangrahaisca vividhairmantraprayogairvisam
sarvasyausadhamasti sastra vihitam murkhasya nastyausadham ॥

It is possible to prevent fire with water, heat of the sun with an
umbrella, a strong elephant with a sharp goad, a bull or ass
with a stick, a disease with medicines, and poison by the
use of various spells. For every thing there is a remedy
provided in the scriptures but there is no remedy for a fool.

na mata sapate putram na dosam labhate mahi ।
na himsam kurute sadhuh na devah srstinasakah ॥

A mother does not curse her son, the earth suffers no harm, a good
man does no violence and god does not destroy his own creation.

pibanti nadyah svayameva nambhah
khadanti na svadu phalani vrksah ।
payodharah sasyamadanti naiva
paropakaraya satam vibhutayah ॥

The rivers do not drink their own water, the trees do not eat
their own sweet
fruits, the clouds do not eat the crops and the riches of the good
are used
for the benefit of others.

paro’pi hitavan bandhurbandhurapyahitah parah ।
ahito dehajo vyadhirhitamaranyamausadham ॥

A stranger interested in our welfare is a relative and a relative
not interested in our welfare is a stranger. Disease is hurtful,
though born in our body and medicine is beneficial, though
produced in a forest.

jayo’stu panduputranam yesam pakse janardanah ।
yatah krsnastato dharmo yato dharmastato jayah ॥

Success be to the sons of Pandu (Pandavas), on whose side is
JanArdana. Where Krishna is, there is justice and where
justice is, there is victory.

anamtaparam kila sabdasastram
svalpam tathayurbahavasca vighnah ।
saram tato grahyamapasya phalgu
hamsairyatha ksiramivambumadhyat ॥

Boundless indeed is the science of language, but life is short and
obstacles are numerous. Hence take what is good and leave
what is worthless, as geese/swan take milk from the midst of water.

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