Rahu Ketu Puja

Directional Strength of Planets

Directional Strength of Planets:

  • Birth or Ascendant refers to the East direction in any horoscope. Here Jupiter and Mercury are powerful and derive their directional force (digbala).
  • The 10th house in any Ascendant horoscope represents the South direction and here Mars and the Sun will become very strong and have their directional strength.
  • The seventh house of any horoscope represents the west direction. There, Saturn becomes powerful and gains directional force.
  • The respective planets in the opposite houses shown above will lose their directional strength.
  • Planetary force as a function of time: the Moon, Mars and Saturn are powerful at night. Mercury is still powerful.
  • The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are strong during the day.
  • The overall strength of the planets (from strongest to weakest) can be listed as Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn.
  • Rahu and Ketu give results according to the houses they occupy and their lords.


If a planet is 5 degrees from the Sun, it is considered to be burning. If it is less than 20 degrees, it is normal combustion. If the planet is less than 15 degrees, it is nominal combustion. Planets on fire give bad results.

Planetary Natures:

Sun, Jupiter and Moon are divine planets and they have swathwika characters. Venus and Mercury are Rajasa by nature. Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are Thamasa or dark and gloomy in nature.

36 Limbs of Human Body:

A zodiac sign or Rasi of 30 degrees is divided into three Drekkanas (Decante) of 10 degrees each. So in total, there are 36 Drekkanas spread over the 12 Rasis. The limbs and organs of the human body are associated with these Drekkanas as given in the following table.

Rasi No. First
Second Drekkana Third
1. Head Neck Pelvis
2 Right Eye Right Shoulder Generative Organ
3 Right Ear Right Arm Right Testicle
4 Right Nostril Right Side Right Thigh
5 Right Cheek Right Heart Right Knee
6 Right Jaw Right Chest Right Calf
7 Mouth Navel Legs
8 Left Jaw Left Chest Left Calf
9 Left Cheek Left Heart Left Knee
10 Left Nostril Left Side Left Thigh
11 Left Ear Left Arm Left Testicle
12 Left Eye Left Shoulder Arms

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