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Planets and Houses | Rahu and Ketu | Zodiac Signs and Houses

About Planets and Houses:

About Planets:

In Hindu astrology there are 9 planets or Grahas. These include Rahu and Ketu, which are astronomical points formed where the orbit of the moons intersects the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth. Each planet is considered to have masculine, feminine or neutral characteristics.

Planets and their equivalents in English:

GrahaEnglish NameSex
  Ravi  Sun   Masculine
  Chandra  Moon   Feminine
  Kuja  Mars   Masculine
  Budha  Mercury   Neutral
  Guru  Jupiter   Masculine
  Shukra  Venus   Feminine
  Sani  Saturn   Neutral
  Rahu  Dragon Head   Feminine
  Ketu  Dragon Tail   Neutral

Rahu and Ketu:

The apparent trajectory of the moons crosses the ecliptic obliquely at two points called nodes. The point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic from south to north is called the ascending node or Rahu, where it crosses the ecliptic from north to south is called the descending node or Ketu. These two points are 180 degrees apart and their movement is constantly retrograde, that is to say against the normal direction of movement of the planets. Rahu and Ketu have a special status and are considered to be planets in astrology. It takes approximately 18 years and 10 days for Rahu and Ketu to complete a zodiac tour.


The zodiac is an band 18 degree wide and is positioned obliquely to the equator. This band can be imagined running around the earth in an east-west direction. Star clusters can be located along this imaginary belt. This belt is divided into twelve equal parts called Rasi. It is also divided into 27 parts and each part is named after a star or group of stars located in the division.


When a zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts, each of those parts has a 30 degree arc extension. Such a division is called a sign or Rasi.

12 Houses of Rasi’s:

No.Indian SystemWestern System
  1  Mesha   Aries
  2  Vrishabha   Taurus
  3  Mithuna   Gemini
  4  Karkata   Cancer
  5  Simha   Leo
  6  Kanya   Virgo
  7  Tula   Libra
  8  Vrischika   Scorpio
  9  Dhanu    Sagittarius
  10   Makara    Capricon
  11   Kumbha    Aquarius
  12   Meena    Pises

Lords of Houses:

Each Rasi has a planet asigned as Lord of the House.

No.Lords of 12 Houses
  1  Mesha   Mangal or Kuja / Mars
  2  Vrishabha   Shukra / Venus
  3  Mithuna   Budha / Mercury
  4  Karkata   Chandra / Moon
  5  Simha   Surya / The Sun
  6  Kanya   Budha / Mercury
  7  Tula   Shukra / Venus
  8  Vrischika   Kuja / Mars
  9  Dhanu   Guru / Jupiter
  10   Makara   Sani / Saturn
  11   Kumbha   Sani / Saturn
  12   Meena   Guru / Jupiter

Exalted Houses of the Planets:

Each planet has a point in the zodiac where it reaches its maximum strength. The houses where they have the most strength are called the houses of exaltation.

Planets and their exalted houses (Uchacha):

  1  Ravi  Mesha
  2  Chandra  Vrishabha
  3  Kuja  Makara
  4  Budha  Kanya
  5  Simha  Karkata
  6  Shukra  Meena
  7  Sani  Tula

Debilitated Houses of Planets:

Each planet has a point of the zodiac where it has the least force. The houses where the planets have the least strength are called weakening houses.

Debilitated houses of Planets
  1  Ravi  Tula
  2  Chandra  Vrischika
  3  Kuja  Karkata
  4  Budha  Meena
  5  Simha  Makara
  6  Shukra  Kanya
  7  Sani  Mesha

Planetary Relationship:

Each planet considers another planet as friend, enemy or equal. Some relationships are not mutual, for example, while one planet regards another as a friend, the second planet in turn may not see the first as a friend. Mercury and the Moon are best examples.

  Sun  Moon, Mars ,   Jupiter  Mercury   Venus, Sani, Rahu
  Moon  Sun, Mercury   Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn   Rahu
  Mars  Sun, Moon, Jupiter   Venus, Saturn   Mercury, Rahu
  Mercury  Sun, Venus, Rahu  Mars, Jupiter, SaturnMoon
  Jupiter  Sun, Moon, Mars  Saturn, Rahu  Mercury, Venus
  Venus  Mercury, Saturn, Rahu  Jupiter, Mars  Sun, Moon
  Saturn  Mercury, Venus, Rahu   Jupiter  Sun, Moon, Mars
  Rahu  Mercury, Venus, Saturn   Jupiter  Sun, Moon, Mars
  Ketu  Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu   Jupiter  Sun, Moon, Mars

Planets and Gem Stones:

Each planet has an associated gemstone. The nine stones corresponding to the nine planets are called the Navaratna group of stones.

PlanetGem Stone
  Ravi  Ruby
  Chandra  Pearl
  Kuja  Coral
  Budha  Emerald
  Guru   Pushyaraga
(Yellow Sapphire)
   Shukra   Diamond
  Saturn  Blue Sapphire
  Rahu  Gomed
  Ketu  Cat’s eye

Planets Their Colours:

PlanetGem StoneColour
  Ravi  Red 
  Chandra  White 
  Kuja  Red 
  Budha  Green 
  Guru   Yellow 
   Shukra   White 
  Saturn  Blue 
  Rahu  Smoke 
  Ketu  Smoke 

Periods of Stay of Each Planet in each Sign:

PlanetPeriod of Stay
  Sun  30 days
  Moon  2 1/4 days
  Mars  45 days
  Mercury  30 days
  Jupiter  1 year
  Venus  30 days
  Saturn  2 years and 6 months
  Rahu  1 year and 6 months
  Ketu  1 year and 6 months

Planets and its Elements:

  Mercury stands for Earthly elementEarth
  Sun Stands for Fiery elementFire
  Saturn stands for Airy elementAir
  Jupiter stands for Ethereal elementAir & Fire
   Venus & Moon stands for Watery elementWater

House Type:

  Mesha  Vrishabha   Mithuna
  Karkata  Simha   Kanya
  Tula  Vrischika   Dhanu
  Makara  Kumbha   Meena

Natural Benefics: Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Waxing Moon.
Natural Malefics: Saturni, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Sun.

Characteristics Associated with Planets:

Planets are associated with color, metal, elements, grains, seasons etc. Also they are believed to belong to certain caste and sex. These characteristics and associations are given in a table below.

ResidencePlace of worshipSpringsFirePlay-ground
ColorMixed Gold & SilverWhite / YellowBlue / Black
SexMaleFemaleEunuch (Female)
Metal / MaterialSilverDiamond (Pearl)Iron (Lead)
PartsFlesh & BrainSemenMuscles
SeasonsSnowSpringAll Seasons
TasteSweet & CoolSourBitter & Astringent
ResidenceStore – houseBed – ChamberDustbin
& Phlegmatic

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