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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – H

Ha = Symbol of Sakti or divine power.
Hamsa = the jiva, the soul
Hamsajapa = The consciousness of nada-kala
Hara = The Supreme Energy ; God ; Siva ; Iswara.
Hathapaka = Persistent process of assimilating experience to the central consciousness of the experient.
havis = Clarified butter, ghee, oblation
Hetu = The reason ; one of the propositions in the Syllogism of the Hindu Logician ; Cause
Hetumat = Effect
Homam = Sacrifice
Hrada = Lit., Lake; the Supreme Spiritual awareness; It is called a lake, because it is clear, uncovered by anything, deep, and infinite
Hrdaya = Lit., heart; the central consciousness; Light of Central Consciousness which is the substratum of all manifestation; citprakasa

Hinduism Glossary of Terms – H

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