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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – I

Iccha =  Will, Representing the letter (i), the Sakti of Sadasiva
Ichha upaya =  Sambhava-upaya, also known as ichhayoga.
Ichha-Sakti =  The inseparable innate Will Power of Parama Siva intent on manifestation; that inward state of Parama Siva in which jnanaand kriya are unified; the predominant aspect of Sadasiva.
Idam =  This, object
Idanta =  This-consciousness; objective consciousness.
Indrajala =  Lit., the net of Indra; magic; Illusion
Indriya =  Organ of sense
Indu =  Prameya or object; apana; kriya-sakti
Isa =  Hara ; Siva ; God ; Brahm.
Isana =  Representing the letter ‘i’. The first inner Sakti of Siva that acts as the teacher of Saiva Sastra
Isvara =  This word as used by Siddhanthis is Synonimous with Brahm but as used by Sri Sankaracharya, it means the Lower Brahm and the distinction of Higher and Lower Brahm finds no place in the Siddhantha School.
Isvara-bhattaraka =  The presiding deity of the Mantresvaras residing in Isvara tattva
Isvara-tattva =  The fourth tattva of the system, counting from Siva. In this the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘This’ is equally prominent. The consciousness of Sada-Siva is ‘I am this’. The consciousness of Isvara is ‘This am I.’ Jnana is predominant in this tattva

Hinduism Glossary of Terms – I

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