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Hinduism Glossary of Terms – J

Jagadananda =  The bliss of the Self or the Divine appearing as the universe, the bliss of the Divine made visible.
Jagat =  The universe ; the world ; matter ; The world-process.
Jagrat =  Esoteric meaning-Enlightenment, undeluded awakening of consciousness at all levels.
Jagrat avastha =  The waking condition.
Jagrat jnana =  Objective knowledge common to all people in waking condition. Jagrat: Esoteric meaning-‘Jnanam Jagrt’-Enlightenment, undeluded awakening of consciousness at all levels.
Japa =  Recitation; chanting
jaTa =  matted hair
Jiva =  The Soul ; the embodied Soul ; The individual soul; the empirical self whose consciousness is conditioned by the samskaras,of his experience and who is identified with the limitations of his subtle and gross constitution.
Jivanmukta =  The liberated individual who while still living in the physical body is not conditioned by the limitation of his subtle and gross constitution and believes the entire universe to be an expression of Siva or his highest Self.
Jivanmukti =  Experience of liberation while still living in the body.
Jnana =  knowledge, the Sakti of Isvara
Jnana =  Spiritual wisdom; limited knowledge (which is the source of bondage)
Jnanakanda =  The part of the Vedas that teaches philosophical wisdom
Jnanin =  The gnostic; one who has obtained spiritual realization
Jnana Yoga =  Sakta upaya
Jnana Sakti =  The power of knowledge of the Absolute
Jyestha =  The Sakti of Siva that inspires the jiva for Self-realization or Siva-Consciousness.
jyoti =  Light ; flame

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