Festival Recipes

Lauki Ka Shahi Halwa Navratri Special Food

Ingredients to Make Lauki Ka Shahi Halwa:

250 grams fresh gourd (ghee),
A spoonful of ghee,
Powdered spoon cardamom powder,
Pav cup copra boora,
Pav cup nuts,
Jaggery as per taste

how to Prepare Lauki Ka Shahi Halwa:

Grate the gourd first and grate it. Heat the ghee in a pan, add any gourd to it and bake it well on low heat. Now put some hot water in a tapli on the other side of the gas. After that break the jaggery into fine powder.

Now pour hot water into the gourd as per your need. Add jaggery on top. Shake well for a while. When thick, add cardamom powder, copra boora and mix. Serve the royal pudding of hot gourd by chopping the dry fruits from the top.

Lauki Ka Shahi Halwa