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Manjhli Begum Ki Haveli Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

During the 18th century the haveli didn’t look opulent. This is just standing like this because it is located behind the complex of chowmahalla palace which is quiet spectacular. But this is completely left as an individual building that is an Indo- European construction that is in that area. And this has carved a niche in the prominent history of Hyderabad. Coming to the architecture of that palace, the place made its own beauty in the architecture and this formed a symphony when the arches of the Mogul and the European merge.

This is built by the Mir Nizam Ali Khan during the years 1762 to 1803, who is second among the Nizams. He built this as a gift for his one of the twelve daughters and his only favourite Fakhr- Ul-nisa also known as Manjli Begum. This is done when he moved his capital from Aurangabad to his present capital Hyderabad from his ruling capital Asaf Jahi. There are many diverse reasons in the remembrance of the haveli. The first reason is it is a rarity of a heritage that is built in Hyderabad after the name of Royal Begum. In the state of Hyderabad almost all the palaces are named after the princes who took the throne and this is named after princesses. But there is an exception for this haveli which is unusual in that time. The haveli showed the importance and also the respect that Begum has enjoyed who is well known for the piety she is having that is in Hyderabad’s nobility.

Manjhli Begum Ki Haveli

Manjhli Begum Ki Haveli Address:

Manjali Begum Ki Haveli,
Beside Pista House,
Shah Ali Banda,
Telangana – 500002.

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