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Mushk Mahal Attapur, Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

During the ruling period of Qutub Shahi, this palace is of two storeys and in the arch shape is located in the outskirts of the area of Golconda fort. This palace from the period 1681, this symmetrical palace is magnificent and is built by the Miyan Mishk and it is even named after him (mushk is the form of corruption), he is the royal key keeper and he is a salve of the Abysses. And during this period who is ruling as last rulers of Qutub Shahi Abul Hasan Tana Shah. Stones are used as a cornice for the roof in this palace at the first floor and are completely projected with the brackets that are in a better shape which look better from the out and the inner walls are also recognisably vandalised. The central position is distinct and it has taken the octagonal form drum shape and it also lost the sheen but, the upper portion is also reflecting the architecture style of the Qutub Shahi. The facade jutted out and it is attractive as the two rows are on both the sides and are in arches that are pointing out.

The top of this two-storey structure, designed to lead Mishk’s zenana (toilet) is seven meters high with a large balcony and a steps leads to the roof opening. The ground floor has large bedrooms with low walls that are probably designed for rest and sleep.  According to the Department of Archaeology, this monument was a beautiful garden with a fountain in front of it that has now disappeared. While on the first floor is a little better in shape, the other parties have lost their luster are in ruins.
The peculiarity of this structure is core octagon-shaped drum-shaped completely from the model. The upper two rows of arcs on each side. Although this structure is now in ruins and less attention deserves it because it is considered a heritage structure, and you need to maintain its former glory and be restored. Although this structure is now in ruins and is heeded less than it deserves, as it is deemed as a heritage structure, it needs to and should be tended to and restored to its former glory.

Mushk Mahal Attapur, Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

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