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Palani Sri Periyanayaki Amman Temple Timings, History

Shri Periya Nayaki Amman Temple or Oru Kovil is one of the sub-temples of Palani Dhandayuthapani Temple. Palani is most famous for its Lord Subramanya temple, but it also has a shrine dedicated to Murugan’s mother, Parvati Devi. In this temple, she is the most important deity, hence the name “Periya Nayaki Amman Temple”. The main deities are the goddess Periyanayaki and Kailasanathar (shiva) with Lord Murugan in the center. This form of Lord Murugan seated in the center with Lord Shiva on the right and Goddess Parvati on the left is called Somaskandar. It is the temple formed as a Somaskandar principle.

The architecture of the temple is unique Nayak architecture, with Periya Nayagi Amman in the center and other deities in the same row. The main Mandapam is built with many large stone pillars carved with huge idols of Lord Muruga in many forms. There are no great Gopurams like Chola architecture in Nayak’s architecture. The main Raja gopuram is not completed, only the foundations are visible. Most of the small gopurams found in this temple were built by Palani Dhandayuthapani Swamy Devasthanam. The works of Nayaks are made of stone.

Popularly called “Town Temple”, “Ur-k-Kovil” and “Ur-Ambalam”, this large and spacious temple is located in the heart of Palani town, 2 km from Adivaram. Built four centuries ago by the Nayaks and enlarged by chieftains of Palani, Ayakudi and Neikarappatti, there are shrines for Muthu Kumaraswamy, Subramanya, Kailasanatha and Nataraja. At Muthukumara Swami Shrine, inside the iron bars are a series of festive deities, the last of which Uchi Mahakali is an amazing work of art.

At the Palli Arai of the Goddess Shrine, it is worth taking a look at the mirror that reflects the chamber. Ask them to raise the blind. Almost all the pillars are extravagantly covered with filigree carving. The supreme apogee of South Indian architecture is found in its most sumptuous plastic manifestation.

On a pillar at the Kailasanathar shrine and on another at Navaranga Mandapam, the Gnana Dhandayuthapani was notably made by masons. The pillars and carvings it contains add to the significance of Navaranga Mandapam, which was built by the Nadar community.

Sri Periya Nayaki Temple Hours: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Periyanayaki Temple Festivals:

On the day of Vijayadasami, the Vel (Lance) of the Lord is carried from the hilltop temple to this temple and is used by the Utsava deity Muthu Kumaraswamy to destroy evil and usher in an era of hope and good cheer after Navarathri.

In Aadi month (July-August) 100,000 Archana / Laksharchana are performed in this temple. Particularly, all the Fridays are crowded this month.

Palani Shri Periya Nayaki Temple

Palani Periyanayaki Amman Temple

Periyanayaki Amman Temple Address:

Dindigul District,
Tamil Nadu – 624601.

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